Love: Polarn O. Pyret

If you’re a reader who has no interest in childrenswear, I’m asking that you give this article a chance. This isn’t only about childrenswear, it is about the makings of a great clothing brand.

polarn o pyret, childrenswear, swedish, scandinavian

Polarn O. Pyret. I love their stripes!

Polarn O Pyret is a traditional Swedish childrenswear brand who is probably best know for their unisex red/white or navy/white stripes. A friend of mine told me that when she was a child they all used to wear unisex clothing – mostly Polarn. I’m in love with their simple, stylish childrenswear and love the idea of children running around in nautical stripes. I’m also a very big fan of unisex clothing as everything my son wears gets handed down to my daughter – and I don’t want her walking around with boy character clothing or silly boy stuff like that.


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5 Reasons I’m Happy About Peter Copping to ODLR

I’ve yet to read a negative comment about Peter Copping’s new position as creative director at Oscar de la Renta, and I think that’s because it is really good news. Here’s why.

peter copping, nina ricci, oscar de la renta, designer, successor, fashion, new york, catwalk

1. He is a good designer. Peter Copping doesn’t stand out as one of the design greats, the rebels, or the game changers (although he still has a lot to prove.) But his collections for Nina Ricci have been consistently good. And when we consider the amount of crap that gets sent down the runways these days, I think this is a great achievement.


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5 Things That Depressed Me from the Spring 2015 Catwalks

This was the most unexciting fashion week in a while, and my new coverage (which amalgamated several shows into one blog post) meant I looked at more shows than I usually do. But I still felt depressed. Here’s why.

Hermes, Paris, fashion week, spring 2015

Whiel Christophe Lemaire’s final collection for Hermes could hardly be considered exciting, it was a very beautiful, simple, and luxurious show.

1. Nothing got me excited. There were some good shows, of course (Hermes springs to mind) but no one wowed me. Am I jaded? Am I getting bored of catwalk shows? Or do you agree that it was kind of lame…

fashion week, spring 2015, cara delevingne, tattoos

Hard hitting news: Cara got a tattoo of the word bacon. #pathetic

2. There is more and more coverage, and less and less content. Some of the headlines I read where so uninteresting and useless. Just because it is fashion week doesn’t mean we have to read one hundred articles a day. Remember the old saying: quality, not quantity? The online publications inundate us with ongoing pointless fashion week coverage (street style, catwalk, front row, beauty, catwalk shoes, parties, fashion week routines, etc…) How about some interesting, insightful, fashion week commentary? Nope, we get ridiculous headlines like “Cara Delevingne Is in a Stable Relationship With Bacon” or “Anna Wintour Attended Giorgio Armani” – WHO CARES!


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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 Part 3

Here is my last set of Spring 2015 catwalk reviews. Is it just me or do you all feel that this season has been exceptionally dull?

I love…

catwalk, runway shows, fashion, runway report, fashion critic, spring 2015, paris, paris fashion week, pfw

that Giambattista Valli has nailed the whole pretty girly thing – but kept it ultra chic.


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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 Part 2

I’ve yet to be truly excited by any collection this season. Let’s hope the last shows of Paris impress. For now, here is part 2. Read part 1 of my Paris shows here.

I love…

catwalk, runway shows, fashion, runway report, fashion critic, spring 2015, paris, paris fashion week, pfw

that Chalayan is making wearable, beautiful dresses free of gimmicks.


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