Loathe: Lenny and the Giant Scarf

My friend Chris sent me this photo of Lenny Kravitz with the words “What a cock.” I don’t think I could have summed it up better.

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Image found here.

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5 Reasons Why the British are Hypocrites About Fur

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An editorial in Vogue Paris featuring fur. Karlie Kloss by Gilles Bensimon.

I recently came back from a week in London and was reminded about how much I love the culture, city, and the Brits. But I was also reminded about a few things that annoy me. London is a very trend-conscious city. It only takes a few days on the street, public transport, and walking by a few shop windows to know what is in fashion, because almost everyone follows trends. One trend I noticed all over London was fur – mostly cheap, ugly, tacky, fake fur. The British are total hypocrites when it comes to fur, here’s why.

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Fake fur from Topshop.

1. They wear tons of fake fur. There are very, very little topics that PETA and I will agree on, however one thing they do say is that the wearing of fake fur promotes both fake and real fur fashion trends, and therefore should not be done. I will agree with this, because most people do not have the eye to spot a real from a fake, and if they see fur (real or fake) all over the shops and streets, they will probably buy it. Britain – if you don’t like fur, then don’t wear it and for god’s sake stop wearing that cheap, tacky ugly fake fur made from petroleum products that are infinitely worse for the environment than a mink coat.


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Pretty Pictures: Gray Malin Antarctica

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Thought it might be time to share a few thoughts and updates with my readers. Some of you may have noticed I am not posting three times a week at the moment – and it is because I have been really busy with The Sleep Shirt. Things are getting exciting and we are launching at Net A Porter soon and I’ve not had much time to dedicate to the blog. But don’t worry, I’m not gone for good, I’m just posting a little less often for now. If you want more frequent updates than I’m quite active on The Sleep Shirt’s Instagram, and there you can find images of our nightwear and Wanda, the best dog ever.

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Fashion 101: How to do Fashion Design Research

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I’ve included a few samples of the research I’ve done for previous projects but keep in mind that everyone gets inspired by different imagery and these images are by no mens a guideline.

I’ve been asked this many times and I feel like it is time to stop avoiding the question. So here it is – my guide on doing research for a fashion collection.

Firstly, I need to stress that research is an ESSENTIAL part of the fashion design process. Whether you are a designing for a major luxury brand or you’re putting together a portfolio to apply to design school, research is not optional. No designer ever picked up a pen and designed a collection from an idea in their head. In fact, when students told me they had ideas in their head and that they knew what they were going to design, it was a sign of trouble. The idea in your head might be the start of something good, but you need to do RESEARCH to make it better. Think of a collection as an essay. Would you sit down and write a 5,000 word essay without having done any research? No. And you wouldn’t design a fashion collection that way, either.

fashion research, fashion portfolio, how to make a fashion portfolio, fashion schools, how to get into fashion school

These images were collected as part of the research I was doing for an edgy company’s lingerie collection.

What should be included in fashion research?

Fashion research needs to be stuff that INSPIRES you. Most of it is visual but it does not have to be. A song, a smell, a poem, or even a taste could inspire you to design. Normally a research folder (or mood board or sketchbook – however you want to store it) will contain inspiring visuals of things like art, photography, textiles, historical fashion, architecture, nature, or industrial design.


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Fashion Quote: Vivienne Westwood on Making Less Clothes

I’ve got a personal loathing for Vivienne Westwood because of an absolutely terrible customer service incident many years ago – and it doesn’t help that I think that everything she makes, aside from her jewelry, is kind of ugly. But I’m not writing about that today, instead I’d like to talk a little bit about her recent stance on the fashion world and buying clothes.

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Vivienne Westwood photographed wearing eveningwear in an African township. #classy

For a few years now, Vivienne Westwood has been telling people to buy less clothes (I believe her intent was to say buy less cheap crap and only buy a few good things – something I can get on board with.) In a recent interview with the The Guardian, Westwood explained that “Clothes should cost a lot more than they do…” MORE OF VIVIENNE WESTFOOD’S FOOT IN HER MOUTH

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