Acne Stripes

I got another Acne newsletter in my inbox today. I usually ignore them, because the stuff is expensive to ship to Canada, not to mention expensive to buy, but this striped jersey collection really caught my eye. I am going to try and find some of it when I get to London in March.

Full length dresses aren't very practical, but this one looks hot.

and I love the change in stripe direction on the back. This one is called the Extreme Stripe dress.

I have had an interesting relationship with Acne, which included one year of job interviews and a freelance lingerie project with them, which led to nothing because of the damn recession. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I am in Vancouver, because Stockholm wouldn’t have me, things went pretty bad there after the economic crash.

Another cool striped piece, called the Wonder Stripe Top.

I love an oversized t-shirt with a narrow sleeve, which makes it look like its not borrowed from your boyfriend.

These little technical drawings on the website are so cute.

I love Acne’s collections, including the fantastic Acne Paper, but sometimes I feel like they are a little “too cool.” Their offices are cool, everyone who works there is cool, and generally, its just an overload of cool. But the product is great, and I’d love to own more of it.

I love wifebeater tanks.

The back of the Super Stripe Tank Top.

I’m overdue on a blog post of “I love Swedish fashion”, so its something to consider writing about in the next month, maybe after the fashion weeks. In the meantime, I am loving the Acne stripes.