Prada Fall Winter 2010

Everyone was getting excited about the Prada casting, and there were rumours that there were going to be some unusual models in the show. I wouldn’t exactly say the choice of models was unusual, but they did cast Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, and Lara Stone, who are much more curvaceous than the typical catwalk model, and it shows from the photos. But they work perfectly with the collection, which is very 90s Prada for a real woman, with a real body. The prints, shapes and fabrics are so reminiscent of the 90s collections that made Prada what it is today, and I think it looks fantastic.

I Love…

the pretty dresses made from heavy winter fabrics.

a "Prada" dress, made from a "Prada" printed fabric.

the fact that the coat fabric looks cheap, which is certainly not the case. And the tan and bright blue contrasts throughout the show.

signature Prada knitwear, with a matronly, retro feel.

a very simple dress with an interesting textile design.

Even the shoes were very 90s Prada. I imagine they will be relaunching some kitten heels soon, I can feel those coming back, and Prada was THE brand for kitten heel shoes. I am getting excited about this collection, I have so many coats that will be perfect for the 90s Prada look.

this is so 90s Prada, a retro court shoe.

and their signature super pointy toe with super skinny heel and a flat little bow. In retro colours.

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  • Alex

    This collection had me on my feet. I was in awe! This is like even better then fw05/06, which was one of my favorite recent prada collections. After the “disastrous” ss10, this fw10 collection is like announcing that “PRADA IS BACK!”

  • Alex

    btw! Im surprised you didn’t talk about those glasses! I was lusting ALL OVER THEM. It is officialy #1 on my wishilist for fw10. Like seriously! They are soooo ridiculously amazing.

  • alexandrasuhner

    Agree, the glasses are amazing and I didn’t mention them. When I was 18 and 19, I used to style my hair in a chignon and wear 1950s secretary glasses, I am totally up for doing that look again!

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