Missoni Fall Winter 2010

Although I tend to complain about brands that do the same thing season after season, I do respect when a brand has a signature style and it is not always a bad thing when you generally know what to expect from them. Missoni is one of those brands, whose specialty is knitwear, particularly multi-coloured patterned jacquard knits. However, this season those knits are in dull colours, shapeless garments, and seem to be poorly interpreted tribal-inspired clothing.

I Love…

this beautiful jacquard knit coat with the leaf pattern and fur collar.

another beautiful knit coat, this time in an unusual colour combination.

the colours and patterns of the cape and skirt.

wearing the sequined version of the top, and the knit version of the skirt.

I Loathe…

the muted colours of this outfit, the textures which don't work together, and the cropped sweater jacket.

when someone puts a pocket on a blanket and calls it a coat. A blanket coat is meant to have some sort of set of sleeves.

ugly colours on a horrible crocheted dress.

All images from Style.com.

  • Carol Olden

    I liked the knit coats especially the grey and white and turquoise and orange patterned ones. The blanket coat I think could be improved if two coats were sewn together to make a complete coat with two pockets and two sleeves. It reminds me how we wear our shawls in the tribal group I come from when we have to have one arm free to participate in tribal ceremonies, but for practicality we wrap the whole shawl around both arms when possible to keep warm. The crocheted dress could be improved by adding a liner so that the dress workmanship could use it as a background . The matching knit skirt and sequined over top I think could benefit by making sure the skirt is fastened. The athletic gear-type tops and camisole look too cold to wear for the weather the rest of the knits would be worn in so it would be nice to see what the designer would pair with them for a warmer look. Maybe even a knit camisole in the same fabric matching the rest of the outfit would work, like the sequined top with the knit patterned skirt.

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