Sexy Chores

The Damaris bow back knicker.

Damaris is a lingerie brand that was very popular around 6-7 years ago, at the same time that I was running my luxury lingerie brand. Damaris was known for the back lace-up or bow-back panty, which pretty much made her famous. Her line was expensive, very expensive, about $400 for a panty and around the same for a bra. This was a total rip off at the time because her panties were very “homeade,”, and her bras were even more homemade. (I can wear a pair of “crafty” looking panties, but bras MUST be made properly constructed. Especially when they are $400.)

Another take on the back lace up panty, by Damaris.

Despite the incredible price points and poor quality, Damaris was the “queen” of the young lingerie brands at the time, and she was very smart to start a diffusion line, entitled Mimi Holliday, early in her career. Mimi Holliday resulted in a lot of sales and great distribution in all the major lingerie stores, while the Damaris signature brand kept making $400 panties which didn’t earn much money, but maintained the exclusivity of the brand.

I haven’t heard much about the brand in the past few years, but it is evidently still afloat, and I am guessing making enough money to keep her and her small staff in business. Damaris has just released a promotional video, called Chore, by Justin Anderson. I was very curious, as her lingerie does look great, and the idea of a woman doing chores in sexy underwear is a concept that can be done beautifully.

I love the sound in this video, and the music (but if you are at work and don’t want to listen to it with the volume on, you can still get the gist in silence.) I love the cinematography, the fact that you never see her face, and how the mundane act of doing chores gets transformed by wearing beautiful lingerie whilst cleaning. But I feel like the video lacks effortlessness and it would be so much more interesting had the scenarios been more real. I personally don’t do splits while I am ironing, vacuum my leg, or hide my head under the carpet, and I wish the actress in this video had just stuck to real life chores. Also, I felt there were a few too many gratuitous ass shots, and the ending, which was a close up of a naked bum, felt irrelevant. Yes, I know this is “art,”, but it was too contrived for my liking.

Photo of his wife, June. By Helmut Newton.

The video reminded me of this photo by Helmut Newton, of his wife cleaning the fireplace. Some of you may think this is chauvinistic, because she is doing her “chores” naked, but I can assure you that Helmut Newton’s nudes are nothing of the sort, in fact, they empower women. This photo came from his book Pola Woman, which was of the polaroids he had taken throughout his career. Aside from the fact that I am obsessed with all of Helmut Newton’s work, there is something memorable, touching, and personal about this image, and it has stuck in my mind for years.

What do you think of the Damaris video?

  • Deannalw47

    I had the house to myself yesterday and while I was there I spent the entire day in a tank and undies. Only when I left the house did I slip a small dress on and then took it off when I got home. LOVED IT