The Predictably Dressed List

Vanity Fair has been publishing an International Best Dressed List for over 70 years now, and this week they released their 2010 List. I love Vanity Fair, it is a magazine that takes more than 15 minutes to read, cover to cover, and it contains interesting content, something that many magazines fail to deliver in this day and age. But the International Best Dressed List is lame, predictable, and boring.

I guess Vanity Fair isn’t about to include anyone who isn’t ultra rich and famous, but it would be far more interesting to see a list of people who manage to look incredibly stylish on a salary less than $50,000 a year. The people on this list should not be commended for dressing well, they should simply be shot down if they don’t. There’s no excuse, with massive amounts of money and style consultants at your disposal, not to look good.

Here are some of the “Best Dressed” individuals, and my comments.

I love…

the way Carey Mulligan dresses, although this photo, chosen by Vanity Fair, is definitely not one of the better ones I have seen.

Diane Kruger in this Calvin Klein dress. Even thought she's an A-lister and probably has a stylist, you rarely see actresses pulling off a simple dress like this. And well done to her for not being all about leg and cleavage.

Lady Gaga. No matter what people say, you can't deny she is a breath of fresh air with her crazy outfits.

Martin Scorsese's eyebrows, does that earn him a spot on the Best Dressed List? Maybe not, but out of all the boring suited-men on the list, he is definitely the one who comes closest to earning a spot.

that Michelle Obama has proved that First Ladies don't need to be all about Oscar de la Renta and conservative pastels.

I loathe…

that working at Vogue and not wearing makeup entitles you to a spot on the Best Dressed List (although perhaps Emmanuelle Alt, who has the same credentials, could have been on the list a few years ago.). This photo clearly demonstrates that Alexandra Kotur is not "Best Dressed" at all.

spoilt kids living in the shadow of their stylish Mom (Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld.) Neither Julia nor Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld are particularly well-dressed. I'd give them an award if they actually both managed to get a real job and prove their worth, rather than just doing "creative" things and getting credit because their Mom is famous.

that Carla Bruni Sarkozy is on this list. She is gorgeous, and super well-dressed, but she is an ex-supermodel and First Lady of France. She HAS to be well-dressed! And how can she not be, with all that Dior clothing?

fashion magazine editors on a Best Dressed List. Again, this is part of their job description. It is like congratulating an gardner for planting a flower. This is Cindi Leive, Editor in chief of Glamour.

that someone who dresses reasonably well, but is married to the worst-dressed woman in the world, is allowed to be on this list. Sorry David Beckham, but your wife brings you down.

that the three people who count Ralph Lauren as their father, are on this list. How hard can it be to dress well if you've got one of the world's most famous fashion designers as your father?

All images taken from the Vanity Fair website.

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