Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011

What a strange collection. It looks like Marc Jacobs took inspiration from Roberto Cavalli and his sexy dresses, tacky 70’s fabrics, Halston, Sonia Rykiel, and Missoni. It is as if nothing was his own idea, but the fact that he brought it all together made it his own. I know he can get away with putting tacky clothing on his runway beacuse he is Marc Jacobs, but it doesn’t mean I have to love it.

I love…

great sleeves on this wrap dress.

giant sleeves and giant bows.

a gold shorts suit.

a really shiny, fluid dress.

I loathe…

when Marc Jacobs does Roberto Cavalli.

pink satin suits. Even the model doesn't look good!

when Marc Jacobs does Missoni.

separate sleeves.

when Marc Jacobs does Sonia Rykiel.

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  • Mtl_fashionista

    loathe: frizzy hair
    ewww for the separate sleeves, hate the mix of colors too

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Plus the frizzy hair is so signature Sonia Rykiel! He stole from everyone

    and not even in a good way.

  • anya

    I agree, it's kinda all over the place. I actually really like the “Roberto Cavalli” dress! LOL. The best thing about this collection is the hair. I LOVE the hair even though it's very Sonia Rykiel. Poor Marc, for some reason, I always find his F/W collections to be much stronger.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, I really like the Roberto Cavalli dresses too, they are gorgeous. But

    I'd rather go to Roberto Cavalli or Versace for that!

  • Rajan Sami

    I love that when Jacobs appropriates, he does it better than the original designers HA! or is that just me? There's another striped Missoni dress that absolutely gorgeous. I'm curious to see whether he does a more luxe version of this collection for Vuitton and also look forward to your love/loathe analyses for the Milan and Paris Collections.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Marc Jacobs is certainly the only one who can get away with those copies and not get in trouble! I definitely prefered his Marc by Marc Jacobs show, I'm posting my review of it, and the rest of NYC tonight and tomorrow morning.