Missoni Spring Summer 2011

We pretty much know what we are going to expect from a Missoni show, so really it is just a questions of how they are going to use their multi-coloured, patterned knits. This season it was inspired by some sort of West African or Aztec prints, plus the 80’s, and it didn’t work. The colours were vile together, and the collection is just too gaudy to wear on holiday. As the show progressed, things just got worse and worse, colours more hideous, print combinations more terrifying, and shapes more unflattering. Definitely the worst collection I’ve seen so far. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous text in the knits, Missoni needs someone who speak English fluently to tell them their words sound DUMB.

I love…
Nothing. This is bad. There is usually at least one thing that I love. Oh wait, I liked the shoes. I’ll post about them in a day or two.

I loathe…

really tacky prints and colours, and what the hell is up with that model's facial expression?

very, very ugly colour combinations.

one of the worst prints ever. I mean, what the hell is going on here?

a dress that would be really nice were it not for the hideous colours.

a bad 80's crop top. Bad.

a pattern that belongs on a hacky sack.

a shirt hem that reads "over shaking all." It should read "I am shaking all over wearing this hideous outfit."

another hacky sack outfit, but this time, an outfit you'd wear whilst hacky sacking.

"Feel it." Feel what? The hideousness?

the words "sushi", "grenade", and "that thing" knitted into a skirt.

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Mark Fast

All images from Vogue.com.

  • http://twitter.com/Alice_In_Furs Mtl_fashionista

    This breaks my heart… WTF happened??!! I love knits and colors, therefore, I usually love Missoni! The scarves are nice…

  • Lauralovespeace

    This is THE WORST collection ever. Missoni, RIP