Bored of Next Season Before it has Begun

The Lanvin shoe I'd like to buy.

Now that the Spring Summer 2011 collections are over, we are digesting, reflecting, and planning. Magazines will be planning their editorial shoots, buyers will be planning their purchases, and many others will be thinking about trends, designers, and what we will be wearing next season. As the shows are becoming more and more widely publicized, I can’t help but think of how dated our fashion calendar seems. Not only will these collections be unavailable to us for at least another 4 months, but we can’t even pre-order them. I will probably be bored of the Lanvin shoes I’ve got my eye on by the time they come out into the shops.

Natalie Massenet from Net A Porter, during her Business of Fashion Pioneers interview, talked about changing the fashion calendar, ultimately skipping a season. So instead of showing spring summer in September, we’d show autumn winter. Everyone who saw a show and got super excited about the clothing would be able to run out and buy it the same day. Buyers and journalists would be allowed to preview the collections 3-6 months before they are showed, allowing them to plan for their magazines or stores. But they would be secretive, like what Tom Ford did this season, so only industry professionals would see them. (By the way, are you guys dying of excitement to see that collection? I’m not. I feel bored of that too, even though I haven’t seen any of the clothes.)

The problem is, the fashion institutions that control and plan the fashion weeks are very old fashioned and unlikely to make these sort of changes quite soon. So I have a suggestion to get us through the next few seasons. Can the brands please start allowing pre-orders from their collections? There are a few things I’d like to have from the spring summer catwalks, and having the option of pre-ordering them now so I can start to build up the excitement of receiving them in the post would maintain some degree of anticipation for the new season.

Of course not many brands would do this, it would probably destroy their exclusivity or whatever…but I do feel in many ways that brands are being slightly hypocritical if they show off their collections, but then make it hard to buy. Occasionally when something is hard to get, it becomes more desirable, but sometimes it just gets forgotten. I work hard to earn the money to buy designer clothing, but I don’t want to work hard to get my hands on the designer clothing I want to buy.

Anyway, for now, we just have to deal with things the way they are, and I’ve put my name down on the Lanvin sign up list to be kept up to date on the launch of their E-store. I don’t even know if the shoes I want will be available online, but if they are, there’s a good chance I’ll be bored of them by the time they come in stock.