Love: Avshalom Gur Spring Summer 2011

I’ve mentioned Avshalom Gur before on my blog, we studied together at St. Martins and I always see him when I visit London. These are the photos of his Spring Summer 2011 collection, and I really like the way he has used volume and movement in the pieces. Last week I went and did some shopping, and I have to say I was quite depressed. Not only is Vancouver seriously lacking in affordable, fashionable clothing (I am suffering withdrawal from Uniqlo and COS), but so many of the styles here seem quite dated. Everything is fitted or tight, whereas the rest of the world is still wearing the loose or oversized shapes (Vancouver has barely caught on to this concept yet. It seems the Vancouver girl wants to wear skin tight clothing, god knows why.) Most of the knitwear in Club Monaco was tight, and everything that looked cool in H&M was in acrylic (the H&M selection in Vancouver is DEPRESSING compared to what I’d find in London and Stockholm.)

Anyway, I love the voluminous shapes in this collection, and there is nothing better looking, or more practical, than wearing beautiful, loose clothing in the summer. Here’s a quick message to all the Vancouver girls, in fact, the girls around the world, who think that having a good body means you have to wear tight clothing. You DON’T.

(And on another note, the girls wearing hot pants in Vancouver, yes, I saw a few of you wearing hot pants on the street with no tights last week, I don’t care if you are coming from the gym or bikram or whatever, you look ridiculous. Put some clothes on, it is almost November!)