Pretty Pictures: Fur and Swimwear

I love the way fur is slowly changing its image from being big old mink coats to younger, fashion forward, more innovative pieces. Ok, I know this shoot is slightly unrealistic as we don’t often pair our furs with swimwear (or do we?) but I love the colours and shapes of the outerwear. And on that note, I thought I’d point you all in the direction of this website, Origin Assured, which is a new label on furs that gives an “assurance that the fur carrying the label comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.” So if you aren’t buying Canadian furs, make sure to buy Origin Assured.

Photography by Justin Ridler, model Amy Finlayson, and styling by Britt Mccamey. Images from Fashion Gone Rogue.

  • Alice_In_Furs

    I love this shoot, the colors are gorgeous!!
    Obviously, you can know by my name that I'm a big fan of fur. I'm loving the long-haired fur trend but I couldn't live without my sheared beaver vest (reversible to suede!!) from the Beautifully Canadian collection : furs made in Canada by local artisans. Softest thing ever!