Loathe: War of the Ugglies

These boots are tied with Crocs as the ugliest footwear in the world.

There is a legal battle going on, between the US-based owner of Ugg Australia, and Emu Australia, which makes the same hideous, ugly boots as Ugg, but with a different label. Apparently in Australia the word ugg is considered an adjective, and therefore cannot be copyrighted by Ugg Australia. Yet for some reason there is a lawsuit in the US, as Ugg Australia is claiming copyright infringement. Both brands have been going for much longer than they should have (they should have both gone bankrupt YEARS ago) so one of the questions is, why the lawsuit now? Frankly, I don’t really care, all I think about when I hear the word ugg, is UGLY. You can read more about the case in Vanessa Friedman’s article in Material World.

Look, there are even uglier options of the ugg boots, in a hideous turquoise colour, or a disgusting ugg print.

I have a solution to this problem: let’s burn all of the Uggs and Emus and any other similar boot and be done with them. No, that is wasteful, let’s send all Uggs to countries where children need shoes for school and they don’t have any. They can re-modify them so that they are more practical (and less ugly.) Or maybe we can give the Uggs to SPCA’s and they can use them as little homes for abandoned hamsters or cut them up and make them into cat beds. My friend had cat beds that ressembled oversized uggs and the cats loved them. Any of these solutions would be favourable to actually WEARING ugg boots on the street. I have already written about the only appropriate time and place to wear uggs, but I would just like to remind everyone that this is not on the street of a city, inside a night club, or anywhere there is a sidewalk.

Will we ever see the end of these monstrosities?

To the left, a potential cat bed. To the right, a ugg care kit, which serves no prupose whatsovever, as the best way to care for your uggs is to burn them or turn them into a cat bed.

  • http://www.sololisa.com/ lisa

    Footwear should be stylish and/or functional, so imagine how perplexed I am whenever I see girls in Vancouver wearing them and walking in the rain! They’re not stylish and they’re definitely not waterproof. WHY?!?

  • http://stripesandscarlets.blogspot.com Arietta

    I totally agree with you! I don’t know if “Ugg” is a word in Australia, but when I first saw these I thought they named them like that because they’re Ug(g)ly!!!

  • http://twitter.com/dianasof Diana Zapata

    I saw a girl on the b-line today. She was perfectly nice and normal-looking, and then I looked down at her feet, and saw these cream-colored Uggs with, like, leather straps in the back? I was incredibly confused by her choice of footwear. She would have looked cool and elegant had she been wearing different shoes. Those boots have overstayed their welcome on this earth.

  • AC

    Totally agree!

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  • Liana

    Quite amusing that you have an Ugg add in the side bar at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    The unfortunate downside to Google Ads.

  • Liana

    Ya, I figured you probably didn’t chose that one.

  • Gerry

    The line outside the UGG store in SoHo (NY) has been at least 15 people deep for the past week or so.

  • Anonymous

    Those people are very sad. Especially since you can buy Uggs at loads of other stores in NYC.

  • Eboni

    I also had an idea for these Shameful boots..
    You know how in insane asylums they have the all padded rooms? These would be a great option for the patients. No harm done, because something about donating them go charity or poverty stricken children seems wrong, it would be like donating a moo-moo because it was still in “decent” condition! And the excuse that they’re comfortable, pfff I’m sure a moo-moo is comfy too, but come on, have some dignity people They should literally never see the light of day again, therefore, insane asylums. Mhmm. That’s my thought!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a great idea, good thinking!