5 Bags NOT to Buy for Spring Summer 2011

With spring around the corner (ok, hardly. It is still winter. But we are getting excited about spring because it means we get to buy new clothes and stop wearing tights) comes the spring and summer shopping guides. Most blogs are suggesting great items to buy, so today I’ve decided to tell you what not to buy. These five handbags are on my Must-Not-Have list.

1. The Stella McCartney Embossed Python Falabella Tote, $1275.

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My long-time readers will know that I despise Stella McCartney and have good reasons for doing so, but I am also not afraid to say when I like something that she has designed. Let me rephrase, when I like something that her brand has designed. And although I respect someone’s choice not to use any animal products (as Stella McCartney does) I find it shocking that she thinks she can still charge leather bag prices for her plastic crap. If you read my post on the making of an Hermès bag, you’d know that part of the cost of a luxury bag is the materials. So how can Stella McCartney charge luxury bag prices for “faux paython”? It boggles the mind. (Also, someone should tell Stella that her “faux python” is made from plastics that come from petro-chemicals, which are surely worse for the environment than a bit of animal skin?)

2. Judith Leiber Panda crystal-embellished clutch $5,400 (£3,450)

judith leiber, panda bag, designer bags, crystal bags

While I don’t have a problem with buying a somewhat ridiculous crystalized animal toy as a handbag, for those nights when you need to add something silly to your outfit, I do have have a serious problem with spending over $5,000 on it. When I lived in London, £3,450 would get me three months rent, 10 pairs of designer shoes, or get my husband and myself to a superb resort in Mauritius (with flights) for seven days. So what would posses anyone, ANYONE, to spend that amount on a tacky, ridiculous clutch bag that can only be worn as a joke?

3. The Together Bag, by Thursday Friday, $35

hermes bags, faux birkin, birkin bag, designer bags, luxury handbagsI think the canvas bag with the ironic bag “message” on it is OVER. Anya Hindmarch did a really ugly one, and my friend Oonagh did a really cool one in limited edition, but now we are done with it. Face it, the last thing anyone needs is another canvas bag. We all think we are being environmentally conscious by collecting re-usable canvas bags, but I now have more canvas bags than plastic bags in my house, and it takes a lot more to make a re-usable cotton bag than it does to make a biodegradable plastic one. Plus, this one is $35, which is $35 more than you should pay for a canvas bag (because they are almost always free.) AND, it has a 3 month waiting list. I’d wait 3 months for a real Birkin bag (hell, I’d wait 30 years), but not for a cheap, canvas imitation. Waste of time and money people.

4. Any bag from Juicy Couture.

juicy couture, juicy couture bags, designer bags, label bags, juice couture tracksuit

These logo monstrosities make me physically ill. Yet they continue to be made, and tacky (Vancouver) girls continue to buy them. Gross. If Juicy Couture’s product was even a quarter as nice as their advertising campaigns, which are pretty good looking, the product would suddenly be one million times better.

5. Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain crocodile bag, $14,000 (£8,950)

victoria beckham, luxury handbags, designer bags, celebrity fashion

I can’t write a fashion list without including at least one celeb-dissing. This time is is Victoria Beckham’s $14,000 handbag. $14,000. You can buy two of the lowest-priced Hermès bags for that price. TWO HERMES BAGS. Imagine two Hermès bags versus one Victoria Beckham bag. Two bags hand constructed by some of the finest master craftsman in the world, made in France, and eternally fashionable versus one bag made by a tragic, talentless celebrity who has used her husband’s footballing money to build herself a mock fashion empire based on a dress copied by Roland Mouret.

Victoria, if you believe so much in your ability to make luxury handbags, then surely you won’t be needing any more of your Hermès bags? Right? I dare you to prove your belief in your ugly (probably poorly constructed) bags by donating all of your Hermès bags to charity. I dare you. Then maybe you will gain an ounce of respect from me.

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  • http://melinabee.blogspot.com melina bee

    damn girl, you are funny! I really enjoy the insider perspective on your blog and also that you’re willing to take strong stances. with regards to stella, that’s a very interesting point about the pvc; while I do support others’ choice in veganism/ethical shopping, perhaps the focus should be on using sustainable, plant-based or recycled materials?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, absolutely. Some animal products, for example wild Canadian fur, are
    recyclable, biodegradable, local, AND sustainable, whereas a fake fur, or
    fake leather comes from petrochemicals (and we all know the damage the Gulf
    of Mexico oil spill did.) It is about making wise choices, although it may
    appear more ethical to buy something that hasn’t involved killing an animal,
    the long-term effects of synthetic production, and landfills full of cheap
    clothes, is a lot worse. And plant-based fabrics can be good, but
    agriculture has its own negative impact on the environment. Sustainability
    is definitely the key word here.

  • http://chichichic.wordpress.com/ Justyna

    love it. so well put. and ditto for tacky ottawa girls and their juicy bags.

  • Chotronette

    These are some pretty disturbing handbags.. the Juicy Couture outdone themselves with that one.. and the canvas bag looks like a bad joke. However, although it is highly overprices (and that’s an understatement), the panda bag is quite adorable.

  • Jasonburton80

    The Judith Leiber bag reaks of Carrie Bradshaw and the Juicy Couture bag reminds me of some skanky old drapes from a country and western film! Vile!

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    Haha, that panda clutch is adorable. If it was $150 I would buy it in a sec!

  • http://sololisa.com lisa

    I’d be more inclined to display the panda clutch somewhere (and maybe pat its head occcasionally because it’s so adorable) than use it as an actual purse.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the panda bag is cute, and I’d consider a little skull version for $150. But $5000 is a joke.

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  • hautetherapy.com

    SPOT ON GIRL. SO many friends and I have had the Stella McCartney venting sessions. I follow this by saying that I DO love her stuff, BUT her stance on animal rights infringes on my pocketbooks feelings. GET REAL STELLA.

    EXCELLENT post on the Hermes bag too. I deemed it tweet worthy. nice work.


  • Amelia

    SO dont buy stella because its “plastic crap” yet its ok for other brands to sell coated canvas and the like at double the price? Or to spend hundreds plus on fabric clothing – no leather there!?
    I get not liking particular designs for whatever reason but make it a realistic reason not a hypocritical one.
    (I don’t own or have any desire to own a stella bag because its not my style not for some petty reason)

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Yes, it is ok to buy coated canvas (made primarily out of cotton_ or other natural fabrics (which biodegrade.) Stella’s gross plastic bags will not last long but will then sit in a landfill for 500 years.