Love: Inga Sempe for Ligne Roset

Inga Sempe, Ligne Roset, luxury interiors, designer furniture

Furniture is one of those things I rarely spend money on. I found myself so disgusted by an ex-boyfriend who thought it was acceptable to spend $5,000 on an Eames chair, but wouldn’t buy me dinner (I was just out of university then) that it turned me of the whole concept. But now that I am a homeowner, and I know I won’t be schlepping my household contents from one crappy London apartment to another every few years, I can start to think about investing in furniture.

First, I need a dining room table. And then I’ll probably need to buy baby furniture (boring), as I’ve got one of those due to arrive at the beginning of July. But I’d also like some of this stuff, designed by Inga Sempe for Ligne Roset (although a bed is probably the last thing I’ll be needing, as I’ve heard those don’t get used the first few months of motherhood.) But let’s not even get into pricing, as I’m sure a few of these pieces will cover my future child’s university tuition.

Inga Sempe, Ligne Roset, luxury interiors, designer furniture
Inga Sempe, Ligne Roset, luxury interiors, designer furnitureInga Sempe, Ligne Roset, luxury interiors, designer furniture

Images from the David Report Blog.

  • Natasha

    I can relate! I find it hard to commit to a piece of furniture though too. My taste changes so quickly. ehhhh.

  • kidcouture

    Well the furniture is quiet nice. I think congratulations are in order for being a new mother though! Congrats Alex!!

  • Shelley

    Congrats on your growing family. Let your baby be slovenly in onesies for awhile, it’s not long before they have to have the latest designer goods for preschool…ugh.
    —I cringed the other day picking up my two year old niece, she was wearing Baby Phat, wrong on sooo many levels.

  • Chelsea Rae

    Those pieces look so comfy. Perhaps you and the baby can take a quick nap on it. AND, you’ll have approximately 18 years to save for college tuition. Buy furniture you’ll love and that will last.

  • Jill

    Congratulations to you! Don’t spend any money on good furniture, it will all be ruined or covered in vomit, milk, cracker bits or dried PlayDoh by time your child is two. Spend the money you save on furniture purchases on a lovely new Hermes scarf (that’s what I did) and speaking of Hermes, when will you share pictures of your inherited Kelly?

  • Anonymous

    So the pink velvet sofa, which we’ve managed to keep the dog off, will be
    ruined? Ugh.

    Will share photos of my Kelly very soon!

  • Britney Roy

    I totally agree with you that furniture is very necessary for everyone.. Its look nice also if you want to decorate the room or garden..
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