5 Reasons Why I’m Not Excited About London Fashion Week

This is what my resort looked like in Maui. London will look nothing like this.

Ok, I am back from Hawaii, and reality is setting in. But a real reality, different to the post-holiday blues, as there is no REAL vacation anywhere in my near future. My dreams of having another week of quiet in the sun with my husband are just that, dreams, as it is unlikely to happen for at least another 2 years. And normally I’d look forward to summer, but this year I have the impending arrival of baby and therefore no sleep and total exhaustion for at least six months, starting in July. Ok, it is sort of exciting, but the fact that my husband and spent most of our time discussing our retirement this past week says a lot about where our thoughts are.

On top of the gloom of the holiday blues, I also have to deal with the upcoming London Fashion Week trip. Most people will think I am being silly saying I am not excited, but they have probably not done the fashion weeks before. I can’t believe some editors do all four of the major fashion weeks, even with a car and driver it would still be incredibly exhausting. Here are some of the reasons why I am dreading my trip to London (and I hope none of my London friends aren’t reading this…because I am really excited to see you guys!)

1. As a blogger attending fashion week, I will have to look good every day. But not just good, FASHION good. This is extremely stressful. First of all, I will be 5 months pregnant by then, which means basically nothing fits. Usually I’d pack an empty suitcase and fill up while I am there, but I can’t take that risk this time, as I am not sure I will find time to shop before LFW, which means I will shop at the end of the my trip. And so I need to try and find 5-6 interesting outfits, which is closer to impossible considering the size of my stomach.

Standing around, wearing high heels, and waiting in the rain. All part of London Fashion Week.

2. I will have to wear high heels every day. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but my legs and back have not been coping with 5 inch stilettos since I’ve started to put on baby weight. Plus, I will be traveling by public transport quite a bit, and walking a lot, two things which I am not used to doing on a regular basis in very high heels anymore, now that I have a car.

3. It will be raining every day. Ok, that isn’t guaranteed, but considering it is London in February, I’ve got a 99% chance of rain. Every day. And I will have to stand around a lot in the rain. Wearing high heels. That is what happens outside of fashion shows, unless you are a VIP, and even then, sometimes you wait around a lot.

My Kelly bag. It scares me.

4. I will be carrying my Kelly bag for the first time. This is terrifying, even though it is insured. The whole point of having this bag is to wear it, and what better time than a fashion week, but what if it gets scratched, wet, or god forbid, stolen? It is scary. But it is coming with me. And we will have to be brave.

5. Tom Ford is going to be there. And he is doing his presentation during LFW, which means it is going to be a serious fashion week, and EVERYONE is going to be there. Not that London isn’t usually that serious, but many major editors don’t consider it a priority. This has changed since Burberry moved its Prorsum show from Milan to London, but it is still the least important of the big four (New York, London, Milan, Paris.) So not only am I going to have to attempt to look fabulous with my pregnant stomach, tottering on my high heels, and avoiding the rain, but it is also likely I’ll get very few decent fashion show invitations, as I will be competing with a lot more people. (Although, I am not sure that this is such a bad thing, as then I’ll have to spend my time shopping and hanging out with friends…)

Tom Ford spring summer 2011. Looking forward to seeing his next collection...in about 5 months when he releases photos for the un-worthy ones.

On that note, there are of course the positive sides to fashion week. The main one is that I will see my old friends, whom I miss dearly. I will get to see some beautiful collections. And also, I will be spending very little money as I won’t be drinking (which usually accounts for 80% of any trip to London) and I can’t buy any proper clothes because I am pregnant. I will be able to focus all my energy on buying shoes and eating, which should be a lot of fun. And did I mention London has the best Indian food? Can’t wait!

Line up photo.
Tom Ford photo.

  • http://fashionforward40.com Tracey

    After getting a camera dropped on my foot (bit traditional media sized camera) at TO Fashion week I can understand this post. I do have to warn you though not to invest too much in new shoes. A lot of women I know (me included) had their feet grow at half size – and stay there after the baby. Some of my most comfortable size 8 fluevogs are no longer comfortable. And I now buy 8.5.

  • Jacky

    Pregnant & 5 inches stilettos?! ouch!
    Have fun can’t wait to read all about it! And wow lucky you… that KELLY bag <3 !!!

  • http://not-from-paris.com GD

    What about the reasons why you are excited?

  • Jasper

    meh.. london indian food is alright. maybe i didnt go to the right restaurants?
    you should try cafe mumbai on macdonald/broadway besides sollys. it is TO DIE for

  • Jasonburton80

    You’ll have a fabulous time! I wish I was going. I completely understand the outfit drama. I’m a little worried about your feet though, not for walking purposes, but buying purposes! I’ve never been pregnant before so I’m not sure, but don’t your feet swell? Maybe it’s not such a good idea to br buying and trying whilst baking a ‘bun in your oven’!

  • Esme

    Don’t complain too much. I know it’s a predictable argument, but think of the million aspiring journalists who’d give so much to attend London Fashion Week. We might not be have worked as hard as you – yet – but at least we’re still enthusiastic.
    I hope you enjoy it, despite shoes & baby & rain.
    London looks beautiful in the rain if you’re looking with the right eyes.

  • Alexandrasuhner

    Ok, ok, you are right!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, apparently they swell a bit, but I am not that heavy yet. Although you have a good point, maybe I should just buy bags and jewelry.

  • Anonymous

    The collections and the shopping! And of course, seeing my friends.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have heard that, but I am in denial and exercising my feet every day so that they are strong and don’t collapse. I NEED to go back to my old shoe size.

  • http://sololisa.com lisa

    I hope you have a great time at LFW despite these unpleasantries.

  • Tara

    No kidding.

  • Jill

    Don’t buy new shoes when you are pregnant! Don’t buy new clothes of any kind! And how about a wedge heel instead of stilettos? I know it’s Fashion Week but you have to think about your comfort and your baby. You don’t want to fall for the sake of shoes. Also, that Kelly bag is a dream, I understand why it scares you but you have to take that gorgeous thing out and about during fashion week. Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    Just so you guys know, I haven’t been officially invited or anything, anyone
    can go to London Fashion Week if they have airfare. I am just turning up.
    And yes, it does take some recognition to get into shows, but all my
    students in London used to manage to get themselves in, so there’s no reason
    why anyone else can’t have a try.

  • http://dearwinnie.com Chelsea Rae

    I sort of dread NYFW like you dread LFW, minus the whole packing/baby thing. I live about 35 minutes from NYC, so when NYFW rolls around I have every reason to be excited. However, after working shows and attending shows numerous time, I’ve become exhausted with the peacocking and then standing around so you can rush to another area where you’re forced to stand around waiting again. I love the fashion, but the excitement just doesn’t get me anymore. Oh, and it’s freezing here!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, New York fashion week in February terrifies me. I don’t know the city as well, and I can imagine trying to totter around in heels when it is snowing!

  • http://fashionforward40.com Tracey

    I hope you suceed. Because you have some great shoes.