London Fashion Week Day 1

A couple outside the PPQ show.

I’ve been panicking all day about not having written a review on the Halston or L’Wren Scott collection, but then I thought, screw it. I’ve spent ten hours on a plane today, followed by a very quick change, two fashion shows, and the purchase of a pair of shoes. So I have been busy today in London, and I’m exhausted, and its one am so I am going to bed. But not before I give you a quick update on the day (and I’ll be posting LFW show reviews from tomorrow.) So here are a few things I learnt today:

  • British Airways is a shitty airline whose staff refuses to help pregnant woman lift their carry-on baggage into the overhead compartments. Yes, they refused to help, based on some silly health and safety regulations, and without offering a solution instead. Jerks.
  • I’d forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by well dressed people (and I am not just talking about fashion week events, this whole city dresses well, especially in comparison to Vancouver. Not a pair of yoga pants in sight!)
  • All the fashionistas are wearing fur. I saw crazy amounts of fur today, hence the photo above.
  • The bouncers at the fashion shows are very rude. And they seem to take some pleasure in making us wait in cramped areas, or outside in the freezing cold, before a show.
  • The LFW shows seem to have more people under the age of 25 than people over the age of 25, which is weird and very wrong. More on that later.
  • Christopher

    Uuuuggghhh… what a HIDEOUS looking pair.