The Stylish Dresser: Agent Provocateur’s Barbetta Kimono

While I haven’t had the greatest of relationships with Agent Provocateur (extremely rude shop girls in the London flagship, hardly anything in my bra size, and underwear that falls apart way too quickly), I have to say they have some beautiful lingerie. And they deserve to be commended for having one of the best branding strategies ever. I already have a substantial collection of kimono robes in my wardrobe, mostly left over from the days when my lingerie company used to make the most stunning reversible silk gowns, so I doubt I will be buying this one. But if I had money to spare, lots and lots of money to spare, I’d definitely choose this Barbetta robe. It is beautiful.

Agent Provocateur, kimono, robe, Valentine's Day

Agent Provocateur Barbette kimono, $2,590. (ouch!)

  • miss sophie

    hi there – i just wanted to say that i stumbled across your earlier post last year on the hype machine behind isabel marant, and thought you wrote quite a nice critique of the whole thing. i’m glad i found your blog – i love your no-BS approach to matters of high fashion :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I’m definitely not afraid to say what I think…

  • Natasha

    wow – it almost doesn’t even look real?! But seriously, that price is ridiculous.

  • Abiha ali

    i have seen your blog its good, i m also working on it, its really helpful for me.Keep updates

  • Jacky

    WOW wow WOW!!! If I had that kind of money to spare, I would probably be in that robe all day everyday