Loathe: Madonna and Lourdes

Madonna, Vanity Fair, Oscars party, academy awards, Lourdes

Ok, I don’t loathe Madonna, not completely. She is a legend of my generation, and I will always count The Immaculate Collection as one of the best albums of all time, and one of the few albums I have memorized from start to finish. But this photo, taken at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, was extremely distressing. First of all, she is TOO OLD to be wearing see-through lace dresses. There is this saying… “Grow old gracefully.” Can someone pass it on to Madonna? The second issue is her daughter. First of all, why is she being dragged out to this party? Secondly, she is not dressed appropriately for her age. There is way too much skin on show. She is fifteen! (Or maybe 16. But same difference.)

Oh yes, and quick comment on the makeup. Lourdes is wearing so much she looks like a drag queen, and Madonna looks like she’s had 8 plastic surgery ops since I last saw a photo of her. They are trying to look the same age. That poor child is going to be a basket case when she grows up.

Image from Jason Tells It Like It Is. Sorry Jason, I know you are a fan…

  • Jasonburton80

    Hahahaha… As usual you’re right. I love her and will defend her to the death, but everytime I look at this outfit I do grow a little more aggitated by it than the last time I saw it! Anyway, leave her alone!!! P.S Lourdes is, eeeek, 14! 😉

  • Jill

    I still love Madonna and I always expect her to still be putting it out there, even though she’s 52, although at this point maybe it would be more fun if she would dress like an old school Sicilian widow or something. And yowza that is some look on Lourdes! My first thought wasn’t on how they were dressed, it was how Lourdes looks just like her mother. But 14, hmm, maybe Mama should tell her to tone it down for a few more years.

  • Daniel

    I want these damn ass bitches to post a pic of themselves…let’s pass judgement on you.