Fashion Moments: Fashion Girl Meets City Boy

I recently read about a very sad singles event in NYC called Fashion Meets Finance, which basically tries to couple guys who work in finance, and women who work in fashion. “An event created for the two highest profile, high-pressure industries in the city. Working in Fashion or Finance guarantees a number of enticing perks, but they both lack one crucial factor… it’s near impossible to meet someone of the opposite sex.” (Fashion Meets Finance) The next one will take place on May 5th.

Fashion Meets Finance, events

Fashion Meets Finance party pics: does this look like fun?

The saddest part of this event and concept is that I myself have been forced to attend one of these things, many years ago in London. My friend decided to host one, and my business partner at the time (when I had my lingerie company) decided (without asking me) that we should sponsor the event. At the time, I could stomach the idea of the event. Even though I loathed bankers (because I had never met any decent ones), I was ok with attending the event because I had a boyfriend. The fact that I wasn’t single made this a work event I could just barely deal with.

Of course that wasn’t to last, I was dumped two weeks before the event, and had to come to grips with the fact that I was going to be attending Fashion Girl Meets City Boy as a single woman. The event was as painful as I expected, no interesting guys, a sad atmosphere, and the general feel of desperation. I spent most of the night downstairs (which was just a normal bar) flirting with the bartender and DJ (much more likely potential suitors, given my taste in men.)

Fashion Meets Finance, events

Do these people look like the lions and trophies of the dating scene?

The problem with these events is the presumption that fashion women are best suited to date guys in finance, or vice versa. “In the New York dating scene, the men of finance are the lions, and the women of fashion are the trophies. We have to maintain the purity of the genetic lines.” explains the Fashion Meets Finance founder to The Cut, which I am sure most of you will agree is a comment distasteful enough to make us all projectile vomit across the room. Having the right job will not ensure a good relationship (although having A job definitely helps.) I’ve found myself with a lot of guys in the creative industries but the one thing they’ve almost all had in common is our taste in music, which was because I socialized with people who had the same taste in music. Lumping a bunch of fashion girls and finance guys into a room is just pathetic: the girls will be looking for high earners, and the guys will be thinking that a fashion girl is going to somehow entitle them a place in the so-called glamorous fashion industry. Or maybe they just want to meet a model.

Images from Fashion Meets Finance.

  • lisa

    I heard about this 1-2 years ago and the whole thing smacked of desperation to me: finance guys hoping to meet attractive girls, girls working in fashion hoping to snag a high-earning man. Ugh.

  • Allisonpaul

    So….if you are a bank teller, do you work in finance?

    I KNOW that working in the garment industry does not mean you work in fashion! How did they screen, if at all?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently they ask for business cards and ID and vet that way. They used an
    example, if you worked in marketing for Goldman Sachs, then you aren’t a
    banker, you are a marketer, and then you can’t get in. It didn’t specify the
    situation with the women though. Sad and tragic…

  • carol

    this is just SO. SO. SAD. and very funny for me, since i’m in fashion and my husband in finance. the catch: we studied together in university (Economics) and he’s now a professor of finance. i like geeks, he likes somewhat crazy ladies (i assume). and, yes, we both have the same music taste. amazing how important this is; i didn’t use to care about this until i met him and saw how much easier life was.

    it’s like being a footballer’s wife, or those creeps who only date models. and, most importantly, almost never works. don’t even know why they try…

  • anya

    It sounds like something out of Sex and the City.

  • Kelly

    Kind of degrading to both parties, no?

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculously degrading. And degrading to both industries.

  • Chris L

    Actually, I think these events are a fantastic idea! Just what New York needs!

    Please let me know when the next one is on as I have a batch of really shit quality coke i’ve been trying to off-load for weeks.

    Thanks, C-Man x

  • kazoo

    the upside is that they’ll keep their nasty gene pool to themselves.

  • Charna

    I actually am one of the people that RUN the event and we have never had one in London so you went to a different event. Don’t knock it until you try it… It’s a fun after work event so try not to stereotype and take everything so seriously.. I am a HUGE fan of music and live music as is my business partner… the people that go as well as the event i not as shallow as it seems… its a few hours after work where everyone is just having a great time- with fabulous music, drink specials and at great venues. The two gender heavy industries are the premise of the event but it’s not so black and white…

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I know I went to a different event, it was one my friend put on, and was most probably the ones that “inspired” your concept as this was many years before you started yours.

    How does being a fan of music have anything to do with this? Wouldn’t it make more sense to group together people who like the same type of music? Rather than a bunch of fashion and finance poeple?

    Despite this, I could accept that this event might just be a bit of fun for single people desperate to meet a mate who makes money/lives the “glamorous” fashion lifestyle (a bit sad though…) But not when your douchebag of a partner says things like this: “In the New York dating scene, the men of finance are the lions, and the women of fashion are the trophies. We have to maintain the purity of the genetic lines.”