Loathe: Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green

My Mom told me I was too mean on my blog last week. Yes, I was sort of mean, but I have an opinion which I like to share, and I know a lot of you read this blog because of it. As we discussed my “mean week,” I re-explained to her my hatred for celebrities meddling in fashion. It comes down to the fact that celebrities have completely devalued my career choice. Why bother going to design school, if you can just become a designer with no training? That is essentially what celebrities are doing, and I hate them for it. A good designer does HAVE go to design school (although, some come from architecture, or fine art, and that works too. As long as it is a creative discipline), if not you end up with crap like this.

Liam Gallagher, Pretty green, Jay Z, Rocawear, celebrity fashion, menswear

Liam Gallagher: Was popular for being a dickhead in the 90's, is desperately uncool now.

However, Liam Gallagher’s collection, Pretty Green, sounded like a good idea when he started it. Shortly after its launch, I moved to Vancouver and since his line was primarily targeting the British consumer, I didn’t hear much about it. Although I did write this post about his clothes, which were a major disappointment, considering the potential he could have had with his target market. But last week The Cut published a little article about him, which featured some quotes that not only made him sound like a complete idiot (although that’s not new, he has never been one to make intelligent comments in public), but also made me realize he is just as bad as the rest of the tragic celebrities/fashion designers.

Liam Gallagher, Pretty green, Jay Z, Rocawear, celebrity fashion, menswear

Pretty Green's footwear collection consists of four designs that are direct copies of Clark's desert boots.

First of all, he compared his clothing to Jay Z’s collection, Rocawear: “You’re going to be fucking arrested wearing his gear and you’re going to pull a really nice-looking bird wearing mine.” (Spin)

Liam Gallagher, Pretty green, Jay Z, Rocawear, celebrity fashion, menswear

Left, a Pretty Green printed t-shirt, and right, a very, very similar Rocawear printed t-shirt.

The quote is funny, but then I actually looked at the two collections, to see if it had any validity. Check out my comparisons, the clothes are practically identical. So I really don’t know how one will get you arrested, and the other will get you laid. They are both pretty boring.

Liam Gallagher, Pretty green, Jay Z, Rocawear, celebrity fashion, menswear

Left, a Pretty Green polo t-shirt, and right, a Rocawear polo t-shirt. Can someone explain to me how ones gets you arrested, and the other gets you laid?

Then he explained a bit about his design process, which he undertakes with his wife Nicole, who used to be the singer in the crappy pop band All Saints.

“There’s a guy who does it with us, he just comes round and goes through our wardrobes, and anything that looks a bit rubbish or tired we just sort of breathe a bit of life into it.” (Vogue UK)

And that quote is exactly the reason why I hate celebrities fashion “designers.” Anyone who thinks a collection is made from breathing life into something that looks rubbish, has absolutely no idea about fashion. Did Alexander McQueen go into his wardrobe and pick out some rubbish looking clothes, re-jig them a bit, and come up with Plato’s Atlantis? I think not.

Let’s end this with a message to Gallagher. Liam, find a new way to design, because your collection of ugly polo t-shirts and the same parka over and over again is BORING. And, while you are at it, sort out your haircut as well.

After thought…If I was going to buy clothing from one of these brands, and they both had their girlfriend’s giving “advice” on the designs, I’d be buying Rocawear. I’ll take the tastes of Beyonce any day over Nicole Appleton. Jay Z: 1, Liam Gallagher: 0.

All images courtesy of Rocawear and Pretty Green.

  • http://lookunderthere.tumblr.com lookunderthere

    I agree with the post.
    All designs from celebs are usually rip-offs. But let’s not be discouraged! We work with substance and love

  • Sarah

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. At least with regards to the need of specific creative training for designers. The best designers around have been impeccably trained, whether through rigid schooling or apprenticeships. It’s essential.



  • Pd02298

    Sorry for your lack of taste. Don’t know Jay-Z’s line but Liam’s is way more than just polos and parkas though you said you live in Vancouver so you probably are happy in ugly climbing gear and birkenstocks.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget yoga pants, I wear those every day too. And crocs. That’s why I write a fashion blog… Next time I write about Liam, I’ll be sure to consult an expert like you.

  • JK

    Liam has said he is not reinventing the wheel with his choice of garments. A lot of clothes are takes on already classic designs which he likes to wear with a 60’s/psychedelic influence. What’s the point in comparing Jay Zed’s clothes with Liam’s! I think Liam’s clothes have a lot more class but each to there own. They are appealing to different markets, US/British. Thank god he’s put out some shoes that don’t look like they have been sharpened with a pencil sharpener http://www.prettygreen.com/shop/product/chocolate-suede-casual/  so much so I’ve bought a pair.

  • Anonymous

    He made the comparison to Jay Z, I was just commenting on it. Despite my hate for most celebrity collections, I was actually pretty excited by the prospects of this one, but the fact is, the final product is disappointing. He shouldn’t be telling people his stuff is “superior” to Rocawear, when in fact they are quite similar. And the way he describes his design process is ridiculous.

  • JK

    What is Liam supposed to say…’ my clothes aren’t as good as J Zed’s, his are a lot cooler…’ I think you’ve got to take what Liam says with a pinch of salt. He likes to rub people up the wrong way doesn’t he! At the end of the day he has a product to promote and people who are selling products are always telling us their product is better than the next man’s, cars, butter, you name it. At least he’s got the balls to say he doesn’t like something, you’ve got to admire his honesty in world where most celebrities hide behind their sunglasses and tell us everything is ‘amazing’……yawn. As for his ‘design’ process he admitted on the pretty green launch video that he is not going to sit there with a pencil in hand, he certainly isn’t the brains behind the business but without his name on it the people who do put their input into the designs wouldn’t even get their work out there. Jay Z’s clothes are more for a hip hop market which likes to stand out with it’s look at me stance where Liam’s clothes have a more reserved English look. Saying people would get arrested he obviously means by the fashion police not the real police for the bright colours and the massive logo’s. You didn’t pick two decent pictures to compare Pretty Green with Rocawear. What about the high end lines? I’d prefer a Parka over a puffa jacket any day. Pretty Green polo shirts and t-shirts have got a better cut/fit than fred perry’s so there’s an improvement on a classic. I don’t think Liam is trying to tread on anyone’s toes, he just doing something he is passionate about. I wonder if he’ll go all J Lo and put a aftershave/perfume out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL……I hope not!

    By the way, All Saints weren’t manufactured, they wrote their own tunes and worked with nellee hooper.

  • Anonymous

    What would his cologne smell like? Cigarettes and alcohol? Could actually be
    quite nice… Hopefully him and Appleton (who I cannot have respect for,
    whether they wrote their own shitty songs or not) will launch a joint scent
    like the Beckhams. Then you’d have no defense when I wrote a post about how
    rubbish they both are!

  • JK

    All Saints are not my bag, just for the record. Comparing Liam and missus to the Beckham’s is a bit harsh, I’ve haven’t seen Appleton in the press for years. I don’t think anyone would want to be compared to the awful posh spice. If there is anyone who is trying to be a pretentious fashion mogul then it’s her. I think Liam knows his level when it comes to fashion, Posh doesn’t. Why don’t you write a piece on her? You’d have a field day.

  • Anonymous

    Search Beckham on my blog, and you’ll see I’ve had many field days. She is my absolute favourite tragic fashion celeb to write about.

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  • BigJock

    This article screams out with jealousy… You can’t take it away from Liam that he has a certain element of class, whereas that Rocka-whatever brand looks terrible. Those examples of similarities between the two different brands are a joke as well. Pretty Green based their designs on 60’s Mod Culture right through to the 90’s Brit Pop scene. As for taking a dig at his haircut, that’s just moody and pathetic. Get a grip pal.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Lol – yes, Liam is the epitome of class. Not.

  • Jack Hamilton

    Yo i get you mate , im a fan of oasis but they are undoubtedly dick heads , but tbh liams clothing is noticably more lively and overall better looking than jay zs , specially the polo shirts tbh that jay z polo looks alot like chav clothing , also i get ur beef with celebs as i hate when people make money for apparently being buisness people (paris hilton , kim kardashian) , but however i think its wrong to say you have to go to design school , fair enough it can help in terms of measurment and stuff but its like art , some people have the creativity and some people dont for example some one who hasntbeen to design school could come up with a great clothing design , and you however could try your hardest with your school education but ending up making an un inventive piece of shit ,, you can never speak for everyone on creativity

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Artists need to go to school, too. You can’t just rock up with a canvas and say “I’m creative” and suddenly you are Picasso.

    “It can help in terms of measurment and stuff” ???? I hate it when people totally devalue this industry. You think someone can just walk into a room and start designing clothes? Without knowledge of patterns, production, fabrics, market, etc…? You think Liam Gallagher is actually designing his stuff? You are delusional. Sorry – but a singer is not a fashion designer because they have “creativity.” Why do you think almost all famous fashion designers and artists went to art school. It’s not a coincidence.