Overrated and Overpriced

Rodarte is one of Net A Porter‘s new designers, and their stock has recently arrived on the website. I’ve never been much of a Rodarte fan (aside from the shoes,) what really bothers me about this brand is the hype. While their clothes aren’t that bad, I simply cannot understand why everyone makes such a big deal out of them. And the ones making the big deal, how many of them actually own any of the clothing? Most of it is too weird and WAY too expensive to wear anyway. Lanvin and Prada are, on average, much cheaper, and I would imagine (although I don’t know this for sure) that those brands make a better quality product than Rodarte. I’d take a Lanvin or Prada dress over Rodarte ANY day!

Rodarte, Net A Porter, designer clothing, spring summer 2011

Printed silk-crepe and cotton peplum dress, $8,735.

Anyway, here are a few of the pieces on available on Net A Porter, along with the ridiculous prices (in US dollars.)

Rodarte, Net A Porter, designer clothing, spring summer 2011

Embroidered tulle and printed silk-chiffon dress, $9,105.

Rodarte, Net A Porter, designer clothing, spring summer 2011

Hand-knitted merino wool cardigan, $3,715 (which looks like something I inherited from my grandfather!) and printed silk-organza asymmetric skirt, $2,325.

Also, I just thought I’d let you know that if you bought all four of these pieces, which would cost $23,880, you could also get all of this from Lanvin.

Lanvin, designer clothing, Rodarte, luxury

Or all of this from Miu Miu!!!!

Miu Miu, designer clohting, spring summer 2011, Rodarte


Topshop, spring summer 2011, RodarteSo basically, Rodarte is a bit of a rip off.

  • http://jasperkhlam.blogspot.com Jasper

    although lanvin is GREAT on the runway and editorials and essentially everything, it never looks quite as good on the red carpet i find *UNLESS you’re tilda swinton
    rodarte is nice if you wanna make a splash since it is far from classic.. good thing money isn’t an issue with all the fashionistas that can actually afford to buy runway looks and pieces like all the time anyway
    guess they’ve decided to go down the hardcore skimming route like balmain.
    rodarte > balmain

  • Hope

    Isn’t one half of Rodarte married to Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein? He’s a master promoter so that would explain all the crazy fuss over the label.

  • Anonymous

    That’s Marchesa. Which is another story…

  • Hope

    oops.. got my designers mixed up… the more I think about it, the more revolted I am by those prices!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, me too. Especially when you compare them to other brands.

  • http://sololisa.com lisa

    LOL I like how you took the time to illustrate what else you could buy with the same amount of money in several different collages.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Topshop took hours, 250 pieces!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/dianasof Diana Z.

    Didn’t they sell some tights for like $800 a few seasons back? Maybe even more? Their target collection was actually really cool, and affordable. I didn’t buy anything from it, but that’s the only way I would actually buy anything by them. Otherwise they’re definitely overpriced.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure about tights, but here are their $500 socks!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Ines_Cruz Inés Cruz

    Cool comparison! sometimes we just don’t know what we’re paying for, specially when fashion is involved.


  • http://designedbyann.wordpress.com/ Anna

    honestly I don’t know why they are so overprized! they make unique dresses, that I can credit the for!
    And I give you a lot of credit for your collages! Ienjoyed the comparison very much!

  • http://twitter.com/FashionistaLab Adelle

    wow! who know Lanvin and Prada were so affordable =P Seriously though, you know a brand is EXPENSIVE if it makes Lanvin and Prada seem accessible!


  • Anonymous

    Haha, describing Lanvin as affordable really puts things into perspective!

  • Eve

    AHH! I love you so much for pointing this out! These prices points for emerging designers is ABSURD (remember the ripped t-shirts from Balmain that were in the thousands?). Who do they think they are? I came across your blog via Business of Fashion and so happy I did. Besides Rodarte, the hype around Alexander Wang kills me. KILLS ME.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I’d agree Alexander Wang is overhyped. I don’t pay much attention though, 100 dollar t-shirts aren’t my thing… But at least he doesn’t do thousand dollar ones!

    If you want a good Balmain rant, search Balmain on my search bar. I’ve written a good few posts on that rubbish. A TOTAL joke. Imagine the morons who woke up one morning and realised “Shit. I’ve spent $2000 on a pair of ripped jeans.” :-)

  • Eve

    Will do. And no lie, I’ve been on this blog for hours. So amazing. Keep up the good work. God knows the industry needs a damn wake up call/honesty/objectivity. Thanks again!

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  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Plamena-Zahova/1380995304 Plamena Zahova

    I agree with you! It’s unbelievable… And I wonder who buys those Rodarte clothes…



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  • Anonymous

    Crazy how that works. To be fair the second blue dress is gorgeous, but I’m a bargain hunter so I think I would have a heart attack if I saw those price tags…eep though I’m sure someone will buy it.

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  • http://twitter.com/axelhoney88 Krys

    so cool that u pointed this out! this must of taken a lot of research.
    i love the wool cardigan, but i know you could definitely find something just like it at Anthropologie.


  • http://fashionisevolution.blogspot.com Célèste

    It really does put things in perspective having the images up there to really see how MUCH more expensive it is.

  • http://fashionlimbo.com Fashion Limbo

    This is a fantastic post and the way you have made your point visually is very clever. There are some things out there that are completely over-rated and over-priced, and this happens a lot in fashion. The first comment, by Adelle, stating Lanvin as “affordable” just makes the point brilliantly. Who knew? certainly a post to share and RT and pass along. Short yet very-VERY sweet xxx

  • Sr

    I will never understand what people see in Alexander Wang.  He definately has a good PR machine!  But clothes are awful!  Occasionally a nice one in the bunch.  Current season of glossy leather and “fishnet” shirts-who would wear that stuff!!!!

  • Angy

    Man – I would totally rather get all that stuff from Top Shop. Maybe this brand is so expensive because they pay their seamstresses actual working wages… one could only hope that’s part of the reason.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I’m pretty sure Lanvin pays their people a decent wage, and they are not nearly as expensive.