Loathe: Daphne Guinness Getting Dressed

I am trying not to be a hypocrite here, as I recently wrote a post about how much I love Daphne Guinness. But I just don’t understand the point and purpose of this stunt. Guinness decided to get dressed for the Met Ball in the window of Barneys‘ department store. Yes, I applaud her for wearing a fantastic Alexander McQueen gown (most of the McQueen pieces on the red carpet were really boring) but why put on this ridiculous “performance art?” Her and her dresser are poncing around as if they are ballerinas in a modern dance show, and it looks absolutely ridiculous. In fact I almost have to laugh, the video is that silly.

And I also have to question why she did this. We didn’t actually learn anything from the video, it isn’t fun to watch, she doesn’t need the publicity, and I highly doubt she was paid to do this (as she hardly needs the money.) What is the point? Is Daphne Guinness trying to build herself a profile of fashion performance artist? Desperate for the type of attention celebrities get? Is she showing off? Or perhaps she lost a bet and had to do this (that would be the only reasonable explanation.)

If you are at work, you can watch this video in silence. Actually, I suggest you watch it in fast forward, you’ll get the gist without wasting 7 minutes of your life.

And by the way, who were the dorks who actually waited around outside of Barneys to watch this tragic performance?

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