Beauty Brief: Zuii and Gabriel Cosmetics

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I’ve written before that I love a good daytime fashion event (evenings are best spent with the dog, husband, and Law & Order, or out with friends), especially one where I get to learn something new AND leave with a product that I really want. Whole Foods‘ Makeover Your Makeup Bag event was just that. We were asked to bring in our old makeup, and they swapped it with organic, natural cosmetic products available in store. They also gave us a little lesson on all the yucky, horrible things we find in commercial cosmetics.

Now I don’t know about you all, but I am pretty picky about what I put in, and on, my body. I use holistic skincare (Dr. Hauschka), lots of different organic body products, and I try to eat organic and free range when I can. I know I am cheating on the antiperspirant front (aluminum is not good on your armpits, but wow it works better than the natural stuff) but when was the last time you checked the ingredient list on your cosmetics? For me it was…never. I haven’t even considered buying natural or organic cosmetics.

But after reading through this David Suzuki Dirty Dozen Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics, I started to realize that the stuff I am putting in close proximity to my eyes should probably be as safe as the stuff I am putting on my feet…

Gabriel cosmetics, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, beauty brief, Whole FoodsOf course there were a few doubts that the organic products wouldn’t be as long lasting and high quality as the commercial brands. In a sense, this is true. But the lovely girls at Whole Foods were kind enough to point out that any lipstick that claims to last twelve hours is most definitely going to contain a lot of crappy things in order to make it so durable. And let’s not forget that all those crappy things end up…in our stomachs. The Zuii and Gabriel products I was given all lasted as long as the brands I used before, about eight to ten hours (apparently the lipstick needs to be touched up more often, but that seems normal to me.)

Zuii powder foundation, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, beauty brief, Whole Foods

I went home with a bag of Zuii eyeshadows and a powder foundation, as well as eyeliner and mascara from Gabriel cosmetics. Zuii cosmetics are not tested on animals, and contain no petrochemicals, parabens, talc, or genetically modified ingredients. Gabriel cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients and no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products are utilized. I have been using these products for the past few weeks, and so far so good! The eyeshadows have as much staying power as the other ones I used to use, the powder works wonderful as a eyelid base (it has a sunblock in it, and I always find it hard to protect the area directly around the eyes) and the mascara is quite effective (although for a big party night, I’d probably use my YSL’s Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara instead.)

Available at Whole Foods.

  • Veronica

    Really interesting, especially for a girl like myself! 
    Regarding long-lasting lipsticks, one can never remind oneself enough that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  • Paige

    New beauty finds are always so great, but I do have one pet peeve with the majority of organic makeup brands I’ve come across: they always seem to be lacking in the packaging department. Now, I’m sure that is for a combination of reasons, especially from a pricing perspective, but I can’t help but be disappointed. I feel like in the cosmetics industry, packaging is such a HUGE factor for me when making a purchase, and though I’m probably not the target demographic of any of these companies anyhow, I think it would be even more genius to have a really awesome product, with really innovative packaging. ESPECIALLY if it were sustainable packaging. 

  • Anonymous

    You should speak to the other girl who commented on this post, who happens to be a cosmetics packaging engineer!

    I have to disagree with you. Innovative packaging is a bonus, but it is really expensive, which means you are paying for that, rather than the product If the packaging helps the cosmetic get applied better, makes it long lasting, or is sustainable, then it is worth it, but if it is more of a gimmick, I’d rather just have a boring case and spend less money, or know that my money is going to the product itself.

    But that is my opinion, and I am not much of a cosmetics girl, I buy what I need and that is it (aside from a few items), so I too am not that market.