Gucci’s Friendly Eyewear

Gucci eco sunglasses, safilo, designer sunglasses, eyewear, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion

I thought it was very interesting to hear that Gucci is launching a collection of eco-friendly eyewear. While I commend them for doing this, it seems like such an odd brand to be leading the way in this department.

The new glasses are made from an acetate high in natural materials (using less petro chemicals) or a material made from castor seeds (both sustainable) and judging by the photos, the new materials look pretty similar to normal sunglasses material. So providing the price is not extortionate, and the selection of frames grows, there is no reason why we shouldn’t all be buying eco eyewear soon.

For me, the weird thing is more about the manner in which they’ve gone about introducing this product. I find it somewhat hypocritical when brands who are generally not “eco” at all, decide to launch something “eco”, as it feels like they are doing it for marketing reasons alone. (Although, even if it is for marketing reasons, it is still not a bad thing.) I’d prefer to see brands making permanent changes, rather than short lived eco collections.

Gucci eco sunglasses, safilo, designer sunglasses, eyewear, eco-friendly, sustainable fashion

Ideally, Gucci would announce this line as a pilot collection, and then phase out all of their non-eco-friendly eyewear in the next few years, in favour of these new eco products. They’d also make some announcements about how they are cutting their use of resources, implementing more recycling, using less packaging, ensuring all production is ethical, etc… I’d like to see more brands putting in long term plans to overhaul their businesses and make themselves more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. This should be the start of something big, and why not have one of the largest luxury brands lead the way?

(By the way, am I the only person who sort of hates the word “eco-friendly”? I mean, it is so vague. We should probably try and be more specific, now that this has become such an important issue.)