Loathe: The “It” Scarf

Good news everyone, the fashion world has found yet another “old” item they can market to us as “new”, whilst heavily increasing the price point. According to the New York Times, the “it” scarf is the NEW THING. Oh, but don’t worry, this one is VERY different from the old scarf. It is a big scarf, you can wear it as a sarong, a turban, possible even a top, and it is suddenly way more expensive than the old version, which was just a scarf, not an “it” scarf.

Chloe paddington bag, "it" bag, it bag, designer handbag

The Chloe Paddington bag, which, in my opinion, epitomized the "it" bag trend. It was so cool, for such a short time.

I know it is the job of the fashion industry to make us want to buy more stuff all the time, but this whole concept of an “it” product tends to annoys the hell out of me. The “it” bag was ok… Sure, it was expensive, but it was a really easy way to take your outfit up ten notches. H&M mixed with vintage suddenly looked designer when you were carrying a Dior bag. And you could wear the “it” bag every single day for a year, and that was ok. I never really bought a true “it” bag (if they were too popular a style, they could be mistaken for a fake), but I always had a designer bag, usually replaced every 12-18 months, and the one in rotation was used every day for that whole time frame (expect fancy nights out.) I got my money’s worth, and even after they went into retirement, they could still very easily be bought back out and still look incredibly stylish.

Things went downhill when the “it” shoe became fashionable. Particularly for me, who is a shoe fanatic. I remember, fifteen years ago, when $400 would get you an AMAZING pair of shoes in a department store in Paris. Fast forward to the present day, and even with inflation, shoes are still about triple the price they were back then. The reason? The “it” thing was no longer the bag, it was all about the SHOE. And that was very annoying. Unlike the bag, which could be worn every day for a year, the “it” shoe was very, very rarely something that could be worn outside of a home-taxi-event-taxi-home scenario. Forget getting your money’s worth, you were lucky if you even got to wear them three times. Which meant your shoes were costing upwards of $100 a wear. A total rip off. The exception being my wedding shoes, I flat out refuse to buy a shoe that costs more than $1,000. It is just wrong. (Don’t quote me on this later, please. I may succumb one day to a four digit shoe.)

it bag, designer handbag, it shoe, Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin's business, and profile, benefitted enourmously from the "it" shoe trend.

But now we have a new item to spend money on, the “it” scarf. My Mom will be thrilled as she has a huge scarf collection, and now suddenly she will be a trendsetter. She wears one nearly every day. This might also benefit her daughter… who could borrow some of her scarves…hint hint, Mom. The New York Times article goes on to explain a bit about this “phenomenon”, worth checking out for yourself,  but I had to draw attention to this one quote, by the owner of scarf company Loquita.

“They’re no longer being viewed as a granny item. People are less self-conscious about wearing them.”

Ummm…. can someone remind me when people felt SELF-CONSCIOUS about wearing a scarf? We aren’t talking mini skirts, bikinis, or crop tops, the scarf is the most classic, demure accessory in the world, how the hell can anyone feel self-conscious wearing one? Women in the Arab world wear a scarf to cover themselves up! Isn’t this the OPPOSITE of self-conscious? I guess this is all part of the story which many fashion brands will start to use in order to sell scarves, which I am sure will suddenly go up in price, quite significantly.

Hermes scarf, carre d'Hermes, "it" scarf

In my opinion, the one and only "it" scarf, the Carré D'Hermès.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with scarves, in fact, I have some beautiful ones, but the bandanas tend to get more wear (can’t wait for the “it” bandana trend, me and my dog will be SUPER fashionable.) But I really hope I won’t have to read about how scarves are the new thing in every single magazine. Becasue they aren’t. They have been around for years, and there is absolutely nothing new about tying a scarf around your head, or your waist.

Whose got some ideas about a successor to the “it” scarf? The “it”watch? The “it” glasses? The “it” toe ring? It could be anything…

  • Anonymous

    You’re so right. this is nonsense.
    I mean, I love scarves. they’ve always been great. They’re scarves. But do they need to be a high-fashion statement piece? Noooo.
    I plan to have a long conversation about this with my communist friend later. great post!

  • http://sololisa.com lisa

    This is one trend I’m not buying into, figuratively and literally. There are so many gorgeous vintage designs to be had when it comes to silk scarves. There’s no reason to buy an ‘it’ scarf which will be mass-produced and released and worn by everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. If you must get a scarf, get a vintage one.

  • Hope

    I have 3 Hermes scarves and one day they will be vintage for my daughter! So, I can justify buying them for me now!

  • Hope

    I have 3 Hermes scarves and one day they will be vintage for my daughter! So, I can justify buying them for me now!

  • Hope

    I have 3 Hermes scarves and one day they will be vintage for my daughter! So, I can justify buying them for me now!

  • Sarah Klassen

    Oh my goodness, you make me literally laugh! I completely agree with both you and Lisa. I have a few scarves passed down to me from my Mother and Aunt and treasure them… whether they are “it” or not. To me, it seems too “hollywood” —the entire thing. I’m looking into a new handbag and am bypassing many of the obvious ones for fear of looking too “it” or not. I prefer to stay classic and true to my own style, always.