Fashion Quote: Kelly Osbourne on Kate Middleton

Kelly Osbourne, Kate Middleton, Fashion Quote

Kelly Osbourne: not in the position to critique other's people's fashion choices.

After hearing Kelly Osbourne and her schizophrenic British/American accent (read: fake), come out with this rubbish about Kate Middleton, I realized that she is not the silly flake I thought she was. She is in fact a stupid, silly flake who is clearly clueless about the state of the world.

Kelly Osbourne on Kate Middleton: “In England they’re like, look how thrifty she’s being, showing the British public that the royals are in a recession as well. I’m sorry, if I had that job I would only wear [each dress] once. If I’m going to be the future bloody queen of England I’m gonna wear that dress once, and that’s it, because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy — at least I could wear a new dress every day.” (The Tonight Show)

Firstly Kelly, you would NEVER have that job. The future queen of England? You aren’t worthy of taking out their garbage. Secondly, Kate Middleton should be, and IS, commended for the fact that she wears the same dresses more than once. Times are tough, and the British have to fork out loads of their tax dollars to fund the royal family, so it is great to see her not wasting their money. And lastly, I laugh when Kelly Osbourne gives fashion advice. She can barely dress herself, and she is the face of Material Girl, another collection ‘designed’ by the non-designer daughter of a famous person (Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter.) That hardly gives her the credibility to critique fashion.

  • Hungstar

    Can I just say that I love your blog! I check it daily like it’s the morning paper and I am pretty much obsessed.

    Now let’s talk about Kelly Osbourne. What is her job? Does she have any academic or sartorial qualifications whatsoever?

    I adore the way you bash non-designers who try to design clothes but fail miserably. Material Girl is such a horrible name for a clothing label, but it’s very appropriate for the clothes I’ve just seen.

    May I ask what your opinion is on Mary Kate + Ashley as designers? Love or loathe?

    Much love from Australia! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have noticed you comment quite a lot. That is appreciated! Thank you.

    Despite the fact that their collections are more tasteful than most other celebrity collaborations, I am still against Mary Kate and Ashley’s collections. They are no different from the rest. They made a big deal about trying to be “anonymous” by not using their names, but they publicized themselves and the project so widely, there was no question that it was their project. What they have managed to do better than anyone else is hire a good design team, and be well-dressed themselves (probably thanks to a good stylist) so their collections get more credit than most others.

    There are definitely some nice pieces in their collections, but I need to stand my ground and say that I am against ALL celebrity-turned-fashion-designer-without-training collections. It devalues all fashion schools and the industry. And can we please remember that they are those two annoying brats from Full House!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, and Kelly Osbourne? She is a professional “I’m a daughter of a famous person.” That’s it. Plus, she is ugly. Sorry to say it, I try not to get personal with my insults on this blog, but really, she is so unattractive. Her Dad is Ozzy, that’s it.

  • Erin Harder

    Ouch! You are right about Kelly Osbourne…no arguments there.  To be honest, you are right in pegging most people without fashion sense. I’m just worried that you’ll will see me shopping in Vancouver sometime and I’ll be one of those! (Not that I would know…or that I’d ever find out. But I have thought about it!)

  • Anonymous

    As long as you aren’t wearing leggings as pants with Ugg boots or any Juicy Couture… I probably won’t be offended!

  • Jasper

    LOL i like how you chose photos of her when she growing out of her punk dyke phase and into her feminin and stylish trendy phase

  • Mr Christopher

    Sorry if it sounds a bit ‘un-PC’ but Kelly Osbourne looks like a down’s syndrome Oliver Hardy.
    That said, I thought she was quite good in The Sopranos:

  • Tiffany

    I thought that same thing. Those photos are from like 5 years ago. She is also blonde now.

  • Jasonhain

    Basically the girl need to take a ritalin! Have you ever seen her on Fashion Police? I can regretably say that I have. The girl does not have a clue. She thinks that since she has dyed her hair in a Marilyn-esque[more Diana Doors if you ask me] she has crediblity. WHY? I’ll tell you. She likes to buy clothes in all her spare time spending the money [MTV?] form The Osbornes, ie SHIT. She should have spent her money on an education! The only reason to watch the FP is just to see Joan “can i get my face pulled back any further” Rivers being a funny bitch. Kelly you can try and emulate Joan…BTW Kelly, all the networks love The Duchess of Cambridge’s style; do they love yours?

  • Anonymous

    Almost all daughters of famous people think they somehow have credibility… it annoys the hell of me. And yes, good point about everyone loving Middleton’s style! I have never heard anyone write praise about Kelly Osbourne!