Loathe: Rachel Zoe’s Son’s Wardrobe

Rachel Zoe, celebrity fashion, Missoni, Bugaboo

Rachel Zoe and her Bugaboo Missoni baby stroller.

I should have entitled this post Loathe: Rachel Zoe because she has never done anything to impress me, in fact, she annoys the hell out of me. But today I am discussing her announcement that she is going to be launching childrenswear, and the fact that her newborn son, Skyler, has a disgusting amount of clothes. As a new Mom, I realize that you need more than an outfit a day for a baby, as they tend to mess things up. But I also realize that kids grow out of things VERY quickly, and therefore it simply isn’t worth spending much money on clothing. As long as it is cotton, and comfortable, they are fine most of the time. Add in one or two “cute” pieces for them to wear when they are “going out”, and you’ve got your baby’s wardrobe sorted.

Rachel Zoe, childrenswear, designer, celebrity fashion

Rachel Zoe shows off her son's totally unnecessary Gucci bomber jacket.

I will probably be more interested in clothing when my son gets a little bit older, and he wears things for longer than a few weeks. But until then, I just don’t see the point in investing in huge amounts of clothes when he will grow out of it so quickly, it is simply unethical. We have landfills full of textile waste, and there is no need to fill it up with even more clothing. You might say that you can hand down the items to someone else, but by buying them in the first place, you are still driving need and companies will continue to produce.

This video clip features Zoe showing off her son’s wardrobe, who has what looks like more than 20 pairs of designer shoes and a TON of designer clothing. Once again, this is unethical and totally unnecessary. In fact, it is disgusting. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE designer clothing and shoes, but I buy it because it looks amazing and will last me many, many years. This will not be the case with a newborn who will not be able to wear the same outfit for more than a few months. What is the point in buying all this? Why have children if we are going to rape the planet of all its resources for their clothing, so there’s nothing left for them when they are older? Ok, that is a bit harsh, but you get the message.

Rachel Zoe, childrenswear, designer, celebrity fashion

Rachel Zoe shows off her son's ridiculously large shoe collection.

And worst of all, she has announced she is going to launch a childrenswear line, with lots of “cute” boy options. Great, more designer clothing for children. This is the LAST thing we need.

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  • Jasper


  • http://twitter.com/Cut_and_Paint Courtenay

    I assume a lot of it is given to her because of her position? But that is just insane. My daughter wears a lot of Polo because my husband is a bit of a “lo-head.” We buy some, but we also find so many cute pieces at Value Village. It really does wash better and last longer though…

  • Anonymous

    Spending money on premium childrenswear, like Polo, is ok because it is not ridiculously overpriced, and it does last longer. Plus, a child needs a good t-shirt, they don’t need ridiculous shoes when they are lying on their back all day.

  • Lil Miz Sara

    Gosh I so agreed with your sentiment here. i’m all for designer wear and all. but I only invest in a few quality items which last me a really long time. that’s the whole point of buying designer items isn’t it? (for me at least) – i buy them for their interesting designs and cause its worth my money. but then again I’m a 20-something adult. What does a BABY need all these ridiculous items for clothing for? And being someone who is very environmentally-conscious i find behavior like this utterly disgusting.