Loathe: Sagz

Sagz, skegging, bad fashionA fashion product that ends with a “z” is usually not a good sign (like cordoroy jeanz.) Neither is one whose taglines are “You call it urban trends. We call it rebellious freedom.” and “Rock these SAGZ jeans first, they tuff!” (I hate exclamation marks too.) So basically, SAGZ is not off to a good start. And then… we have the product. It is even worse than the brand name and the taglines. Here’s how the website describes it:

“A few years ago, Irese Davenport recognized that youth all over the world were sagging their pants. On a very special day, he noticed that boys and men were constantly pulling up their sagging pants. Irese wanted them to be able to sag naturally so that they could be active at the same time. He ran home, grabbed a needle and thread and began to sew. He sewed a pair of boxers to a pair of jeans. This was SAGZ JEANS’ first proto-type and the rest is history.”

Sagz, skegging, bad fashion

You can buy extra boxer shorts to go with your Sagz.

Here’s a few interesting points about SAGZ:

  • There is a design team. A team???? This is one really bad design. Why would you need a team of people to continue work on one really, really bad product that has no potential to grow?
  • They will soon be launching Sexy SAGZ, which is SAGZ for women (I am on the waiting list, of course.)
  • Their concept is patented. In case anyone might want to copy it. AS IF.
  • SAGZ allows you to be active (because you aren’t always pulling up your pants), and show your “SWAG”: “Our patented concept consists of high quality jeans that sag naturally. Our boxers are attached to the waistband of our jeans by snaps. The underwear are detachable and removable. The three rows of snaps are designed so consumers can sag their SAGZ JEANS at different levels without having to constantly pull up their pants, resulting in more time to be active, express themselves and show their SWAG.”
  • The commercial is super lame

This is definitely worse than the skegging. Sigh.

  • alex

    ghetto at it’s best!

  • char

    They will soon be launching Sexy SAGZ, which is SAGZ for women (I am on the waiting list, of course.) 
    This made me laugh out loud. Yes, because women LOVE wearing saggy pants.

  • guest

    When I think of SAGZ for women all I can think of is a thong half way up someones back. This is all so trashy and blows my mind that someone thinks this is a good business decision. It sure did make for a huge laugh when sharing it with everyone at work though.

  • Anonymous

    Well then, if it resulted in a good laugh at work, then SAGZ has at least accomplished something positive!

  • babybear

    Believe it or not Alex I enjoy searching for style dot com.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    These are, quite possibly, the most heinous things I have ever seen in my life.
    At one point I thought the advert was going to turn into a soft porn flick.
    Sadly it didn’t because at the very least it would certainly have been somewhat better than what I then had to  witness.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks :-)
    I read today that SAGZ have forecasted 1 million in sales in their first year. Don’t know if it is sad that they are so ridiculously optimistic, or if its sad that they might actually sell that much. As Obama said “Brothers should pull up their pants.”
    Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

  • AllisonP

    “He ran home”?  What?  Ha!

    So how gangsta is it if you want to wear your Sagz at the lowest notch?  Your boxer snaps will show like snap-crotch baby pants!

  • Rachlle

    I love them. They make the silly kids who wear them look even worse than my saggy 40-something behind.