Fashion Quote: Bryan Boy on Corporate Fashion

Bryan Boy, fashion bloggersOk, I really, really try not to talk negatively about other fashion bloggers. If you’ve seen my reading list, you’ll know I like intelligent, well-written blogs, or those with genuinely unique, interesting content. I will happily slate designers, celebrities, journalists, etc…, though for some reason I just don’t like to insult my own kind. But sometimes it is inevitable… and this quote from BryanBoy deserved some recognition. And not nice recognition. Really, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t mention this on my blog. When asked about whether the fashion world was becoming more corporate, BryanBoy responded:

“I don’t believe that [fashion has gotten too corporate]. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Otherwise bloggers wouldn’t be here. I mean, sure there’s an element of corporate-ness here, but I think fashion has never been more creative. A lot of designers are pushing their boundaries, pushing the envelope, and fashion has never been more extravagant. Everybody’s really focusing on their craft, and every garment out there is well-embellished. I would look at all of these designer clothes from the past, they’re all, like, crappy. I mean, the quality is shit. But now that everybody is fighting for the consumer, designers are offering more.” (The Cut)

Bryan Boy, fashion bloggers

Ok, where do I start?

1 – Bloggers like BryanBoy are extremely corporate, so he is just as much a part of the corporate world as a figures-driven executive. His blog used to be opinionated and fun, but now he just publishes blog posts that took 2 seconds to write and never makes fun of anyone anymore (presumably because he is on their payroll or gets free stuff from them.)

2 – “Fashion has never been more creative”???? I guess BryanBoy has no real understanding of fashion history, but at the time, fashions like the New Look, Marc Jacobs’ grunge collections, Tom Ford’s early Gucci collections, those were all VERY creative. Not to mention the genius that took place in the sixties. Those collections just don’t look as creative now, since we have become accustomed to them.

3 – “designer clothes from the past, they’re all, like, crappy. I mean, the quality is shit.” This was the most shocking statement. Not only is it totally untrue, but it also demonstrates that Bryan Boy has absolutely no understanding of the fashion industry, construction and sewing, or designer clothing. Designer clothing from the past is almost always better quality than what we have today, people spent more time making the garments, and the materials were of much better quality. Now a lot of luxury goods are made cheaply in China. But I wouldn’t expect a fashion blogger with no industry experience to know this. Sorry Bryan, but you aren’t fit to comment on subjects like this, stick to what you are good at: tweeting about your personal life and turning up at catwalk shows and events.

The part that made me laugh was this comment, by Purple and Paisley: “Why Bryanboy’s opinion on this (or anything related to fashion, actually) counts is beyond my comprehension. Uggggh.” That calls for a LOL.

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  • Jonathan Carnright

    Get it girl!!

  • Jasper

    The part that made me laugh was this comment, by Purple and Paisley: “Why Bryanboy’s opinion on this (or anything related to fashion, actually) counts is beyond my comprehension. Uggggh.” That calls for a LOL.
    totally. he is like the antithesis of style and fashion if anything.

  • Iris Yvelyn

    Oh, that photo. It made me go wtf.

  • Hungstar

    I totally agree with you! He doesn’t seem like he has anything intelligent to say and his blog lacks substance.

  • Diane

    Agreed about old stuff being better-made! Not just couture or top-end clothing – whenever I put on my hand-me-downs from my mom from the 80s I love how the architecture of the clothing stays despite being nearly 30 years old. They didn’t miss any details. And this is not expensive stuff – just the usual blazers and dresses. Compare that to my H&M sweaters that shrink and fall apart after not even 6 months of wearing them. That’s definitely a difference in quality. 

  • Christopher

    Wearing pyjamas and clutching a Disney doll? Yup, ‘bon chic, bon genre’ – if you’re an escaped mental patient.

    Still, I think the last thing I saw him wearing was a gold posing pouch and a cardboard sign with the number “14” on it whilst he was dancing at the ‘Sexy Boy Time’ bar in Phuket, so I suppose anything is an improvement.

  • Anonymous

    I know, it is weird that he said that. I didn’t realize he was THAT clueless.

  • Redheadfashionista

    Be nice to the poor boy. He probably wasn’t allowed to say anything more descriptive, intelligent or insightful due to corporate constraints. 

  • Redheadfashionista

    I imagine he was referring to high fashion, not high street fashion. But either way he’s wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Found your link via retweets.

    I actually do prefer designers in the past than present, I worshipped Hussein Chalayan, Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, Paco Rabbane, Pierre Cardin and many others tis why I studied fashion 10 years ago and now a stylist and blogger.  Creativity is about progression and experimental through pattern-cutting, fabric manipulation etc,  without past designers and influence there wouldn’t be today’s designers, stylists, journalists, students and bloggers.  Creative fashion is still young.

  • JennyBlock

    Christ this is painful? I thought this was a respectable blog, not one that fills their pages with crap like this. How is this article relevant to anyone? 

  • stylestruck

    i’m sorry but – for real??!! since when, does the WORLD take these fools seriously?! have we become THAT ignorant to rely on some wanna-be prima donna little boy who’s still holding on to his duckie?!
    it aggravates me to know these are the people fashion PR execs let in shows and not the more intelligent and less popular…guess it shows you where we are and what we like.

    oh and designer clothes from the past were, and to this day, ARE quality!! is he kidding me?! that comment alone, further proves his ignorance on the subject.

    so glad you posted this.

  • char

    “designer clothes from the past, they’re all, like, crappy. I mean, the quality is shit.” really? I’m not really sure how long past his definition of “past” is, but isn’t Ready To Wear a relatively new concept, and everyone had things tailor-made because there weren’t any alternatives?

  • Sylvia

    Ridiculous statements from Bryanboy. Totally agree with your comments on this!

  • Erik Spínola

    At least someone is objective. He is just selling his image always and he don’t seem to have any talent beside pose with Anna Wintour. It’s sad because there’s people that are very passionate about fashion that are not taken serious. Thanks.