Loathe: Lady Gaga the Journalist

Lady Gaga, Cathy Horyn, Tavi, fashion critic

Lady Gaga, a great performer, but terrible columnist.

I’ve written before about how much I like Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga the singer, performer, dancer, and show woman. I do not like Lady Gaga the journalist. If you haven’t already read her most recent V magazine column, I suggest you do. Gaga has decided to voice her opinion about…opinions, and she sounds like an idiot. She has begun a war against some of fashion’s most important voices, and I don’t think she will win this one.

If you can’t be bothered to read the whole article, here are some excerpts, with my comments, of course.

“In the age of the Internet, when collections and performances are so accessible to the public and anyone can post a review on Facebook or Twitter, shouldn’t columnists and reviewers, such as Cathy Horyn, employ a more modern and forward approach to criticism, one that separates them from the average individual at home on their laptop?”

Personally, I like reading a good old fashioned article. I like a review when it written, in WORDS, not videos, collages, or performances. What is Gaga suggesting, that we start acting out our reviews rather than writing them and posting them on the internet? Horyn and others don’t need a more modern approach, their strength is in the words, not in the method of delivery.

Lady Gaga, Cathy Horyn, Tavi, fashion critic

Cathy Horyn, one of fashion's most feared and respected critics.

“So why do so many notable critics seem so impervious to the emotion of the work? […] It’s so easy to say something is bad. […] It’s much more challenging to reckon with and analyze a work. It requires research, but maybe no one does their research anymore.”

This quote really pissed me off. A good critic will understand the industry, and the emotion of the work, despite the fact that they are not emotionally involved in the creation. Horyn often visits designer’s studios and speaks with them, she understands what goes on behind the scenes. And how dare she suggest that critics don’t do their research? Horyn and all the well-respected fashion critics (Suzy Menkes, Vanessa Friedman) always write about subjects that they have researched and educated themselves about. I know of a lot of artists who use the excuse of “they don’t understand my work” when they get negative reviews from a critic, which is more often than not, completely untrue.

Lady Gaga, Cathy Horyn, Tavi, fashion critic

Tavi Gevinson. I am disgusted that Lady Gaga would even compare Tavi to Cathy Horyn. It is an insult to Cathy.

“Take Tavi Gevinson. She’s 15, and Rodarte created an entire project inspired by her. Her site is thestylerookie.com. I adore her, and her prodigious and well-written blog is the future of journalism.”

I am not sure Lady Gaga has actually read Tavi’s blog, because if she had, she would not be calling it well-written. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t have much respect for Rodarte after having a look at these INSANE prices, so their association is not worth much to me. At least, that’s my “opinion.”

“…Ms. Horyn, the more critical question to ask is: when did the pretense of fashion become more important than its influence on a generation? Why have we decided that one person’s opinion matters more than anyone else’s?”

The person who knows the field, has experience in it, and understands the industry has an opinion that is more worthy than one who doesn’t. I think it is ridiculous to suggest that all opinions should be equal, because they are not. I’d rather read the fashion opinion of a well-informed journalist who knows the indsutry, rather than a 15 year old who has been to a few fashion shows wearing a stupid hat, or a singer who wears weird clothes.

Image sources: Cathy Horyn, Lady Gaga, and Tavi.

  • Jill

    Love this post. I’m so with you, I can’t deal with Tavi the fashion critic. Or Lady Gaga the fashion critic either. Give me Cathy Horyn any day of the week. You can add to that list my other favorite fashion writers: Teri Agins, Dana Thomas, Cintra Wilson and Robin Givhan. They write so well and really understand the industry and reading anything they write is such a treat. I always learn something new.