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This isn't what I look like, by the way. :-)

I have just launched an advice column called Ask Alexandra for all of my readers who have questions about fashion careers, the industry, and any other important topics (for example, shoes.) I have been getting a lot of emails from readers requesting advice on various topics, so I thought I’d share the responses with all of my readers. If you have a question, ask it here, (or click above or to the right on Ask Alexandra) and I’ll be responding to them on my blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hungstar

    Yay! Looking forward to using this 😀

    I have a question but it’s not really about fashion. Well, technically it is but I don’t want to acknowledge and/or validate Kanye West’s presence in the fashion industry.

    When will you be publishing your review of Kanye West’s collection? I expect a scathing review. He got a lot of elite models to walk in the show, but the clothes were a bit too “urban” and trashy. Not awful for a first attempt, but he should’ve used less fur (fur does not equate to luxury!)…and perhaps NY would have been kinder to him.

    Interesting (and hilarious) quote:

    “Ask someone else” – Anna Wintour said after being asked about Kanye’s show

  • Anonymous

    I just wrote my Kanye West review, it is being published in the next hour! Anna should have said something about the show, it is cowardly to do what she did.