Ask Alexandra: Christmas Catalogues and Doc Martens

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Some products from Holt renfrew's Christmas gift guide.

Hi Alexandra
Have you seen the Holt’s Christmas catalogue? Boring. My question is- do the designers and suppliers featured in cataloges pay for the privilege?

Hi K.T.,

First of all, no, I haven’t seen the Holts Christmas catalogue (I couldn’t find it on their website although their gift guide was on there.) But I am not surprised you say it is “boring” because Holts is not targeting the fashion forward consumer, they are targeting the typical wealthy Canadian who buys luxury goods, and this person usually has boring taste.

Holt Renfrew, fashion advice, Christmas, Ask Alexandra

I wouldn't be thrilled if my husband bought me any of this for Christmas...

With regards to your question about brands paying to be in the catalogue, I think the answer is no. Although, I am not 100% sure of this. When I had my lingerie company we were featured in the Libertys Christmas catalogue, and we most certainly did not pay to be in there. I am guessing Holts chooses the featured products based on whether they make good Christmas gifts/holiday outfits or not, although some brands may have special deals with them. For example, some brands may have a package deal where their shop in shop includes certain extras, such as a certain number of online product features on their newsletter or Christmas catalogue.

If any of my readers have a different answer to this question, or can elaborate, I’d be happy for the feedback!

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Dear Alexandra,

We all know of your hate for Uggs, and I was just wondering about your opinion on Doc Marten’s.

Dear Kristy,

I love Doc Martens, probably because I wore them when they were cool in the early 90’s (they were THE thing to have when I was in high school.) I still have a pair left over from back then, and I have worn them recently. Doc Martens are a perfectly acceptable alternative to motorcycle boots or cowboy boots, to be worn with jeans or cut offs, even shirt skirts or mini dresses. But keep it casual, they shouldn’t be replacing high heels.

Images from Holt Renfrew and Doc Martens.