Sales that Aren’t So Flashy

flash sales, shopping

Some of the product currently available on Haute Look. SO uninteresting.

If you buy from flash sale sites, you must make sure to read this article from the New York Times. It explains that flash sales sites, like Gilt and Haute Look, rarely offer the best price online. Taking into account their poor return and exchange policies, plus shipping costs, you can often find a better deal elsewhere. I think this, combined with the overwhelming number of flash sale sites currently on the market, is going to result in people getting very tired of them.

Have you ever bought anything on a flash sales site? I haven’t. I was looking at some stuff the other day, but a 20% discount is not enough incentive to make a quick decision on something I might regret in weeks, days, or hours. Plus, so few of them offer proper shipping to Canada (I don’t like customs or duty surprises when I get my purchase in the post.)

flash sales, shopping

More really boring stuff you can buy "cheap" on Haute Look. I'd rather not buy at all.

I hate being put under pressure to buy, and I find the flash sales sites get me all hyped up for nothing. The fact is, you aren’t getting a Chanel 2.55 bag for $100, you are getting the Chloe bag that no one wanted, for $900. I’d rather make a reflective, thoughtful purchase and end up with something I really want, than save a few bucks and end up with a lime green clutch bag. I wouldn’t tolerate a salesperson putting on pressure and trying to make me buy something, so I won’t let a flash sales site try and coerce me to buy something because the deal might “run out.”

Oh, and the worst thing is that some of these sites make you think it is difficult to get membership, they try and pretend it is some secret club. Well, it is not. EVERYONE can be a member.

All images from Haute Look.

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  • Erin Harder

    I’ve bought many items from Gilt over the past few years but it has slowed down considerably as their discounts are not nearly as great as they once were. Back in January of 2009, I bought an Alexander McQueen dress (not McQ) from Gilt for less than $200…obviously that is not even a remote option anymore. I’ve been very frustrated with their lackluster products in the past two years and have often found the same item online elsewhere for the same price.

  • Sue Dickie

    As usual, well said Alexandra. Shopping should be a pleasant experience that makes you feel great when you get that special piece at hopefully a great price. And shopping local will make you feel even better!

  • Lauramilnes

    I agree and disagree. Many of the higher end items found on Beyond the Rack and Hautelook are really not all that well discounted and like you said, the leftovers no one is interested. However, many of the mid range brands like Romeo and Juliet Couture offers some fantastic discounts, upwards of 80%. I recently purchased two pairs of jeans for $40, shipping included. I couldn’t find two pairs of jeans for that at the mall. I think it just depends on what you are looking for. As for handbags, I just go to the sales or clearance tabs on designer sites and purchase them designer direct.