Fashion Quote: Viktor & Rolf

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This quote is from a 2008 interview with Penny Martin, but when I found it over the weekend, I realised how relevant it is. They are talking about the anti-climactic feeling a designer goes through directly after a fashion show.

Rolf Snoeren: You know there’s such an adrenaline in that moment and always after a show you feel very down and it takes a few weeks to regenerate.

Viktor Horsting: But then imagine, you have a catwalk show which lasts just ten minutes, but there has been six months of work beforehand, and then once the show’s finished, everybody stands up and rushes out of the door!”

This really resonated with me as I recall the low I felt after every catwalk show I worked on. It is almost as if it is a race to get packed up and out the door once the show is over, models are wiping off their makeup, dressers are frantically packing up the clothes, the stage, backdrops, etc… are coming down, and within minutes the venue is starting to feel empty. Considering the work involved in bringing a collection together, I am not surprised that the post-show blues are common, and that it takes designers like Viktor & Rolf a few weeks to recover.

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