• LanvynguyeN

    so many of these are knockoffs of 60s products.   I HAVE THAT EXACT SHAPE AND STYLE SPECTATOR BAG FROM EBAY FOR ABOUT $20.  Similarly, I bought  spectator shoes on ebay for $9.  Dont even get me started on the earrings

  • Anonymous

    That’s the way the world of high fashion works! The problem is, the eBay versions may not be as good quality. Or, if you are like me, you can never find second hand shoes in your size.

  • http://etherfields.blogspot.com/ L.L.

    The shoes seem to be a slight change to some of their old designs. I don’t mind the reissue because I loved the shoes with a little lucite!

  • http://iambourgeois.com/ Lauren

    Wow, the necklaces are gorgeous! But for the amount of money they must cost, you’d think that Marni would have given them real clasps instead of ribbons.

  • Anonymous

    The ribbons are part of their “look.”

  • K.B

    I’m hoping the upcoming H&M collaboration will feature some similar items, though I can imagine there is not a whole lot of priority being put on the accessories.