Beauty Brief: Sukin Rose Hip Oil

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My skin has gone bonkers since I gave birth to my son in June. It feels like every single nutrient has been sucked out of me (literally) and as a result, I had to make some dramatic changes to my skin care routine. I used to be loyal to the Dr Hauschka “system”, but I had to make a few changes, as my skin was not happy being left bare at night (Dr. Hauschka suggests you leave your skin bare at night, so that it can replenish itself.) Anyway, my beauty guru suggested I try Sukin’s Rose Hip Oil, and it has done wonders for my skin. I apply it after washing and toning at night, and it has helped to re-moisturize and re-balance my starved skin.

There is a list of worldwide stockists here. And if you are in Vancouver, I suggest you go to the Choices Market on 57th, where you can also talk to my beauty guru, Penny, who is the all-knowing when it comes to natural beauty products.

  • sky@laestetica

    i’ve tried rose hip  oil b4 (i forgot the brand), bought it on tv shopping and did wonders to me…. i’m glad sukin has one too!

  • Jacky

    We never go wrong with Rose oil!! I have a sample bottle of a different brand and I really like it (except for the smell). You should also try Lancôme Génifique.. my god that product is pure magic!

  • Anonymous

    The Sukin Rose Hip Oil actually doesn’t smell too strongly… which is nice.

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