84th Annual Academy Awards

I actually watched the red carpet last night (for the first time, I usually just look at photos the next day) and I have to say it was incredibly boring. The commentators (some tacky Americans, a Brit, and Tim Gunn) were utterly lame, and it was a fierce reminder as to why I don’t normally watch these things. On top of that, I missed Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie’s leg (I was at a friend’s house, and we were chatting) which were amongst the must-sees of the evening (as well as Jennifer Lopez’s nipple.) Anyway, here are my loves and loathes.

I love…

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, gwyneth paltrow, tom ford

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford. Yes, she probably looked like a boring bride when she took the cape off, but kudos to her for wearing it in the first place. At least it is interesting.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, natalie portman, christian dior

Natalie Portman in vintage Christian Dior couture. The dress isn't that special, but it does look nice. Of course, I am slightly confused that she disowned the brand, and one year later she is wearing them on the red carpet.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, rooney mara, givenchy

that Rooney Mara is wearing Givenchy. It does look nice, although I was hoping for something a bit mroe shocking and dramatic.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, penelope cruz, giorgio armani

Penelope Cruz in Giorgio Armani. First I loved this, then I loathed it, then I went back to loving it. It is very classic, but it suits her.


Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood. But her posture is another story (or does the dress just make her look like she is pushing her belly forward?)

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, emma stone

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli. Thank god someone is representing one of Paris' best brands!

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, milla jovovich, elie saab

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab. Yeah, yeah, I know this is nothing special, but she looks nice.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, glenn close, zac posen

Glenn Close in Zac Posen. First of all, I love Glenn Close (I am in season 4 of Damages) so she could wear a Victoria Beckham dress and I would still think she is great. Secondly, this looks beautiful, it actually suits an older woman, it is chic, elegant, but quite sexy.

I loathe…

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, Angelina Jolie, Atelier Versace

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. Sure, her leg looks amazing, but without the leg, this outfit is pretty boring.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. At first I liked this, but then it was to much about the cleavage, and it seemed like she was trying to match the famous Versace dress. But she can't do that, because she is too old to be showing off that amount of nipple, I mean, cleavage.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, jessica chastain, alexander mcqueen

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen. This doesn't look like McQueen, this looks like lame evening wear brand who likes to do lots of gold embroidery. A very tame, boring choice.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, tina fey, carolina herrera

Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera. Isn't Tina Fey supposed to be a bit cool? Becasue this dress is not cool.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, michelle williams, louis vuitton

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. I don;t actualyl think she looks bad, but I just think that, given this was one of the most anticipated dresses of the evening, that she could have made a more interesting choice.

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities,, cameron diaz, gucci

Cameron Diaz in Gucci. Tan lines. Need I say more?

academy awards, oscars, red carpet, celebrities, meryl streep, Lanvin

Meryl Streep in Lanvin. Yes, I know everyone is probably going to spazz at me for not liking this, but I just don't think it is working. The cut is old, the colour is old, and she is old. Could we not have had one contemporary element to this outfit, please?

Images from WWD.

  • Aline

    Oh God, another boring event, with a bunch of boring celebrities. I mean is it asking to much if we could have at least one daring celebrity? A fearless person to shock us, in a good way of course. So many great dresses that would certainly make an impact are available but we only see boring things yet again.

  • http://twitter.com/dianasof Diana Z.

    i tried watching the red carpet and remembered why I stopped doing so when i was about 16. there is always at least one mention about how this year’s oscars are a “return to old hollywood glamour” EVERY YEAR, and even the presenters sounded tired of asking “who are you wearing”, and it’s obvious that now they do it more to make sure that the celebrity gets the chance to mention their sponsor/get the dress and jewellery for free than it is to admire the designs. I loved Glenn’s dress, the bodice and the waist details are amazing. oh, jlo. i wish she would just stop trying so hard. did you hear that by the end of the night there were twitter accounts for jlo’s nipple and angelina jolie’s leg?

  • Anonymous

     Yes, Angelina’s leg’s twitter account apparently had over 15,000 followers, compared to only 3,000 for JLo’s nipple.