An Open Letter to the Street Style Bloggers

I lied yesterday about my catwalk coverage starting today, because it turns out there aren’t any shows I want to review until the weekend. So I have another fashion show-less day before the onslaught. But it sure is looming, and on top of the oncoming bombardment of catwalk images, we are also going to be faced with thousands of street style images over the coming weeks. So I’ve decided to write a little letter to the street style bloggers, although I somehow doubt this will have much impact.

street style, fashion week, bloggers

Can you guess what street style blog these images come from? Probably not. Becasue they all look the same.

Dear Steet Style Bloggers,

Fashion month has begun, and I am sure you are preparing to take hundreds of photos of people looking stylish on the street and outside fashion events. The thing is, us, the readers, are not really interested in seeing all of your photos. Sure, we like to see a few well-dressed people. But the problem is, all of your photos look the same. You shoot the same poeple, in the same way, and it is extremely boring.

I won’t name any names, but some of you have built an entire business of taking photos of people on the street, yet your photos have become extremely repetitive. Your blog looks the same, year after year. As you can see by the photos in this article, it is practically impossible to differentiate between the different street style bloggers.

street style, fashion week, bloggers

More street style blog images that all look the same.

Who knows why you still command all this attention as bloggers, because there is nothing unique or interesting about your skills anymore (aside from Tommy Ton. Tommy, this letter is not addressed to you, I love your blog.) So please, stop doing what you are doing. Or at least, do less. We are going to be inundated with catwalk images, can you spare us the hundreds of images of the lanky, slim girl, with long messy hair and bad posture, wearing some combination of designer and vintage clothing, looking like you spent four hours trying to look effortless, and carrying a recognizable bag or wearing a pair of it-shoes. We all know the girl. And we’ve seen her a MILLION times. Spare us the repetition. Please.

Yours truly,


Images credits from left to right. Top row: Fashionising, Garance Doré, Face Hunter. Bottom row: Street Peeper, The Sartorialist, The Locals.

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  • Jasper

    LOL brilliant post

  • Horst Meier

    good point

  • Lucinda

    Agreed, though glad you excused Tommy. Sometimes showing us everything shows us nothing. It’s all about editing and discernment.

  • MG

    Tommy changes up his shots for sure, but even he shoots the same people (Tamu, Hanneli, Jenna, the Russian girls) over and over again. Sometimes I don’t think it’s about the style anymore but about the “celebrity” and that’s really too bad.

  • Lola

    100% agreed!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you are right, he does always shoot the same people. But at least his approach is different to the rest of them…

  • Melo

    Good post. As Vancouver’s resident street style photographer, I actually stopped shooting last fall for this very reason. I myself grew bored of the repetitive nature of ‘street style’ and as a result am revamping my site with new and more non-street style content.

    I’ll take your idea a step further and once again call bullshit on the major street style photogs who now almost primarily shoot at fashion events like fashion week. It’s NOT street style. That’s fashion/papparrazi photography and I’ve been bored of it for awhile.

    It’s too easy an accessible which devolves into over saturation and monotony.

    Ps. I’m not a Tommy fan, but atleast he attempts to see things others don’t, but he’s not a street style photographer anymore either.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you are right, there are so few of them actually doing “street style.” Most of them just take photos of the people outside fashion events, and that is a catwalk in itself.