Loathe: Sad Fashion Week Diets

waris ahluwalia, fashion week diets, fashion parties, catwalk shows

This guy drinks fish oil every night so he can stay "healthy and focused" during fashion week parties.

In addition to the overload of fashion shows and boring street style pictures, fashion week is also the time to inundate us with the diets/regimes/outfits/handbag contents of “fashion people.” Yes, I am sort of interested in how models prepare for the Victoria Secret show (not that I can emulate them, in any way), but I am definitely NOT interested in knowing how a male jewelry designer prepares for fashion week parties.

This article, which features the “fashion week diet” of jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia is pathetic, and I’m sort of disappointed that one of my favourite blogs, The Cut, considered this newsworthy information. You can read the article here, but basically this guy “pre-sleeps” ten hours a night for a week before the shows, and during fashion week he eats an incredibly boring diet of protein and vegetables. But wait, this isn’t because he is a model, busy designer preparing a collection, or an editor rushing to all the shows. Basically, he does this so he is fit to go to all the parties.

waris ahluwalia, fashion week diets, fashion parties, catwalk shows

I guess his diet is working because he sure looks "focused" here. But he doesn't look like he is having much fun...

Yes, going to parties is work. But it isn’t THAT much work, you don’t have to stay very long, you don’t have to get drunk, and you aren’t actually forced to go to THAT many of them. So why this guy thinks he needs to drink a tablespoon of fish oil (yes!) before he goes to bed is totally beyond me. He explains that he does this to “stay healthy and focused.” Wow, I didn’t realize that attending fashion parties required that much “focus.” Besides, isn’t this guy supposed to be busy finishing and selling his collection???? This article made me realize three things:

1. Waris Ahluwalia is a very sad man.
2. People take fashion parties WAY to seriously.
3. Good blogs sometimes post really stupid articles.

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  • Roshh Ko

    Fashion is taken too seriously nowadays. I guess it is just the American system that nurtures such anomalies to exists (it is not really.. normal a guy to have a diet before fashion week, is it?) And people should live their life before everything else… A job is a job but you can’t go to bed with a dress or a magazine, right?

  • Jasper

    well ya he seems conceited and that this is all very aloof but whatever, it’s his choice eating chicken spinach and fish oil. in fact i quite fancy that diet, i like all of that shit. i mean, i’d rather eat that than a bbq ribs.. meatloaf or idk, fast food for sure or something.¬†

    i don’t see how this is anymore bullshit than cleanser and toner.. in fact, i think fish oil is less redundant that things like that.

    speaking of bullshit, it’s bullshit how people like brad from the rachel zoe project think they have style and can style just because they have designer clothes at their disposal and because he wears shit from the runway and obnoxious outfits (i just watched the first episode of his reality show on tv. SO bad. rachel zoe was WAY funnier to laugh at).

    EXCUSE this being all over the place.. im sick =(

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I agree that this is a good diet to be on, but my issue with this is that he does this to prepare for fashion parties. I mean, if you want to be healthy, and this is your diet most of the time (you are a sad bastard if this is your diet ALL of the time) then that is fine. But to do this, and “pre-sleep” just to prepare to go to parties? That is ridiculous. Especially since he is only a jewelry designer. S-A-D.
    And I am sure you make some good points about Brad Goreski. You are unlikely to see much about him on this blog, as I wouldn’t watch his show, or make any effort to learn anything about him. As far as I am concerned, he is a waste of space.
    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  • Jasper

    thanks! and agreed.

    i didnt even know brad’s last name! i haven’t made a conscious effort to learn about brad either, he just popped on my youtube and he has also been whoring it out on streetstyle blogs. he is a TOTAL waste of space!

    if you’ve ever found the rachel zoe show moderately entertaining you might enjoy this ūüėõ¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIL2ZwCOxOs

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I’d find anything Rachel Zoe does remotely entertaining… But I’ll check out the link :-) Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

  • Anonymous

    I really think you’re being overly critical, and here’s why:

    His diet is a totally normal skinny-person diet (and it’s probably about twice as much as the models eat); the fact that it’s very health-conscious shouldn’t be so offensive to you; ¬†fish oil is, like, the one supplement that doctors actually encourage us to use, and is not unusual in the slightest; you yourself have written about how exhausting fashion weeks are, so why would you mock him for trying to stay well-rested, and approaching the chaos with a rested body and a clear head? ¬†

    I don’t know. ¬†This whole article seemed unusually vitriolic for you; normally when you’re so critical, there’s a stronger basis for it. ¬†Or maybe I just don’t agree with you here, ha!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… I guess what strikes me as weird is that all this prep is for parties. If you are a journalist and you have to cover 100s of shows AND write about them, its exhausting. If you are designer prepping several collections for show AND sale, its exhausting. But this guy is basically saying he does this so he is fit for the parties. Which seems a bit sad.

    Although the REALLY sad thing here is that The Cut considers this newsworthy information. Maybe it is more that than anything else.