Marios Schwab Fall Winter 2012

When I saw Marios Schwab‘s name pop up on Vogue’s list of shows, I thought “Oh yes! I forgot about this guy.” And to be honest, given the number of young British designers that are well-known but not quite “safely” established, it is easy to forget about them. Just like it is easy to confuse the runway looks of Proenza, Altuzarra, and Prabal Gurung, I think it is easy to confuse the looks of Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane, and Peter Pilotto. What about the show? It was ok. There were definitely some beautiful ideas, but I felt there was too much going on, and a few concepts that were not executed and resolved in the best way possible.

I love…

London fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, marios schwab

the amazing cutting and construction that Schwab does so well.

London fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, marios schwab

this beautiful floral lace, or fabric, whatever it is.

London fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, marios schwab

the beautiful folds of chiffon on the top of this dress.

I loathe…

London fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, marios schwab

nipples on show, especially since this top has nothing interesting to say.

London fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, marios schwab

an outfit that should be beautiful, but that just isn't. The weird neckline is wrong, and the skirt fabric is tacky.

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  • Peter

    Whoever you are (you are the one that no one knows btw), you shouldn’t be writing about fashion defo. Not knowing if something is lace or fabric and comparing Peter Pilotto with CKane or MS, getting confused with Prabal, Altuzarra, … Do yourself a favour not dedicating your minutes writing rubbish like this and embarrassing yourself (whoever you are!) xx

  • Anonymous

    You are right, I should have taken the time to look at the detail shots of that fabric to identify whether it was lace or fabric. I was lazy. And speaking of lazy, at least take the time to read my bio, so you do know something about me before you start telling me I don’t have the right to critique fashion.

    As for the rest of your comment, I still stand by my opinion about those brands. If you took away the styling from those brands, and hung one of their dresses on a hanger, you’d have trouble identifying which was which. Why don’t you articulate what the difference is between the brands? Can you write a sentence about each one that differentiates it from the others? I’d love to see you try and put your finger on that.

  • Peter

    I do indeed as I am a fashion expert, I am truly sorry if my comment bothered you, but critics nowadays come so easy, without really paying attention to details that it really made me mad, this is one of the most interesting and beautiful collections that I have seen in London this season, with so many details that this review annoyed me. 
    No harm in my comments!

  • Anonymous

    You are right, I don’t always pay careful attention to the details, but I am critiquing a look, rather than a detail on a garment. I don’t go to the showrooms of the designers, to investigate the garments properly. I was a huge fan of Marios Schwab in his early days (in fact, the very first collection he put on the catwalk was Jonathon Saunder’s MA graduate collection, JS designed the prints and MS designed the clothing, and it was genius) but I feel like he has lost his way in recent seasons. He used to be about sharp, bold statements, but some of the pieces in this collection felt…lukewarm. Anyway, I think we can agree to disagree on the pieces in this show.

    And no, you didn’t upset me, I am used to having people disagree with me, and I welcome it, but I always defend my opinions. And I still stand by my statement that if you took some of the less strong pieces from the above mentioned designers, stuck them on hangers, and put them all next to each other, you’d have trouble identifying which was which.

  • Sarah Phang

    Dear Alexandra,I like the way you comment about the clothes. It’s straightforward and I also have the same opinion about the terrible pieces. I’m no fashion expert but from an ordinary person,most designers’ clothes looks like garbage.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    I’m not sure I would say “most” designer clothing looks like garbage, but certainly a LOT of it does!