Prada Fall Winter 2012

I was flipping through my Prada book yesterday, doing some creative research for a client, so their archives of geometric prints and heavy embellishment is fresh in my mind. These were the two main themes in this collection: heavy black outerwear and dresses with bold appliques, and Prada’s signature geometric prints, often mixed up in outfits. While I love those prints, I don’t love them as suits, or paired with each other. But I get that this is what Prada is about, and I’ll respect their aesthetic, although it doesn’t mean I have to love it.

I love…

Milan fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, Prada

striking embellishment on an otherwise simple black coat.

Milan fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, Prada

this sleeveless coat dress.

I loathe…

Milan fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, Prada

printed suits, which almost never look good.

Milan fashion week, fashion shows, catwalk, fall winter 2012, Prada

Prada's geometric prints, when they are all mixed together. But individually, they are fantastic.

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  • Rudolf Seabra

    Alexandra, i am dying to hear your thoughts on Jil Sander’s return. I’m a bit annoyed by the collective yawn that has settled, putting her in a place where she is seen as old, passé (hate that word) and not up to the task. Hey, she started the house people, hello? And, after the phenomenal success of Cèline and everyone jumping on the bandwagon of sensible clothes, inventive cuts and minimalism, I think it is plain strange that the woman who kind of invented this is looked down that way. Hello? Uniqlo anyone? Plus, I just long to see Jil rise up to the challenge and make herself a Coco Chanel comeback. Sorry about the rant, just curious.
    And, I actually thought Prada was lovely. As much as I love it when Miuccia goes into bizarre, uncharted territory (fairies, chandeliers, lace), I think I like her the best when she goes inside her own identity (read: librarian/schoolgirl chic, YSL groupie, angry-looking models and designed-under-the-influence-of-hallucinogenics-shoes), which is pretty much this collection.

  • Jasper

    bah prada is so perplexing. there’s something about *prada* that really sets the bar. at first glance, it’s not really appealing, but i find that her collections often grow on me to the point of OMG I LOVE IT. i do miss her older collections. is it that her collections are somehow so ahead of their time that until that time is met that her they’re.. unsettling and confusing? oh prada, why must we play this game!

    well as for now, i gotta say i’m not a huge fan of this collection. the styling is rather gauche and the looks in general are rather bizarre and not very flattering. this is a very bold and recognizable collection which is good, from the statement shoes, embellishments, prints, and overall acid trip vibe. guess i’m just going to have to learn to love it! 

  • Anonymous

     I am super happy that Jil is going back to the brand she founded. I look forward to her first collection! And sad about Raf, but I don’t want to comment on this until everything has settled. I want to see whether Raf is going to YSL or Dior. An insider at Dior told me that it “looks like” Raf is going there, but that didn’t sound too sure.

  • Inés Cruz

    I’m in love with the coat (but with sleeves)