Fashion Quote: Alber Elbaz on Peplums

lanvin, fashion quote, peplums, alber elbaz, fashion designersSometimes I wonder why so many of the great fashion designers are men. It does seem odd that they seem to have a better idea of how a woman should dress, doesn’t it? But then I read quotes like this one from Alber Elbaz, and I see that he most definitely does understand how a woman wants to dress.

“I created the peplum so you can eat in it. You can have a dessert, you can have another sandwich.”

The man is a genius.

Quote from here and images from here.

  • Erin Harder

    Um….that is amazing.

  • Inés Cruz

    I wrote an article about peplum dresses this weekend for my blog… but I SO NEED to put this quote on it!!! it’s just like a nice present…