Loathe: The Hot Dog Toaster

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I know this is not exactly fashion, nor part of a search for style, but it felt relevant since I ate a hot dog last weekend (shit, it was good. But it’s definitely a once a year thing.) A few months ago I discovered this lovely toaster on my local buy and sell Facebook page. No, this is not a joke, this is actually a real appliance that allows you to simultaneously toast two hot dogs and two hot dog buns. What is terrifying about this toaster is that you’d only need one if you ate hot dogs frequently. And the person who eats hot dogs frequently, well, that person is probably not very healthy. Or sane. And somehow I doubt that there are many people sticking organic pork and apple sausages with ancient grain hot dog buns into this toaster. It is most likely slaughter house floor sweepings hot dogs and white, extra refined hot dog buns. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • Johnfolk

    you’re right! “this is not exactly fashion, nor part of a search for style” 

  • Sally

    Haha. This is almost as disgusting as the child designers.

  • Jon

    I don’t eat hot dogs except for like once a year from the Ikea down the street. Tasty and cheap but definitely not a healthy option. What I’d like to know is where you get off questioning people’s *sanity* just because they enjoy hot dogs more often than you. Instead of laughing and crying about what other people eat (while there are still millions that go to bed hungry) maybe just shut up? Pretentious hater. Stick to calling overpriced kerchiefs ‘scarves’.