Love: Cartier Nail Jewelry

Cartier, fine jewelry, nails, loveWhen I first saw the words “nail jewelry” I thought it implied jewelry that you hook onto really long, fake nails. And I thought, Cartier?!?! But then I realised it was about jewelry that is shaped like nails, and not human ones, the ones that you use with a hammer. Apparently this is a re-issue of a design from the 70’s, and I have to say they look quite amazing. But I won’t ruin things by posting prices, as they are just too scary for most of us.

Cartier, fine jewelry, nails, love

  • Jasper

    PLEASE SHARE THE PRICES. also can you share a cartier 101 please 😀 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Starts at 4,000, I think, for a basic one. The challenge in doing a Cartier 101 is that I need to get cooperation from them, this isn’t always easy. Alexandra Suhner Isenberg