One Year Ago on Searching for Style

Rodarte, Fleet Ilya, Miu Miu, Julia Restoin-RoitfeldOne year ago on Searching for Style I was shocked that Rodarte was ridiculously overpriced (four Rodarte items cost the same as 220 items from Topshop), annoyed at the Advertising Standards Authority for investigating a Miu Miu ad, lusting after Fleet Ilya’s accessories, and loathing a very bad fashion film (followed by an argument with the director in the comments section afterwards.)

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  • Ww_woon

    I remember that blue Rodarte dress featured in their fashion film! Amazing indeed. Still dying to have it.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is ok… but it most definitely is not worth nine thousand dollars!

  • Rudolf Seabra

    As far as I remember, I think Chanel films (and those Lanvin shorts, with the crazy maids and Alber’s creepy yet amazing dolls) are the only good ones. Also Tilda Swinton’s Pringle ads. Which is a result of loads of money and therefore the possibility of having renowned, experienced “actual film” directors, the same for actors, and in Chanel’s case, a house centred on a character with a very interesting life (which spawned good/decent/awful films in themselves) and occasionally great clothes. I’m a sucker for Chanel. Mostly Coco, and some great KL (which is not that often as Sara Mower or Anna Wintour would like everyone to believe), but I digress.
    Funny enough, the only time in which it would actually be acceptable to have celebrities in fashion would be in fashion film. By celebrities I mean celebrity actors. More Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman than Olsens and, God forbid, Kardashians. And funny enough, when the fashion industry would actually need actors, it doesn’t use them. It comes to the point that we have fashion magazines with actresses who can’t model and fashion films with models who can’t act.

  • Anonymous

    A really good point! So true.