Fashion Quote: Alber Elbaz on Crying Women

Alber Elbaz, fashion quote

I think Alber Elbaz probably prefers a piece of chocolate before bedtime more than most women...

While I’m a lover of all that is Lanvin, this quote really, really annoyed me.

“For me, all women around the world are alike. They all like a red dress, they all like a bit of chocolate before bed, they all cry at the same things. I don’t see there is a difference, in the end, between an Asian woman and an American woman.”

It is one thing that so many gay men seem to dictate what women wear, but it is another when they generalize us and presume we all snivel at the same things. I’m not offended by the generalization about the red dress (they ARE great) and the chocolate (yum) but saying that we “all crying about the same things” is highly offensive. That’s like suggesting all men are attracted to women with big asses or that every young girl likes Barbies. It is a highly derogatory generalization. Finally, I’d like to point out that very few things make me cry, in fact, I think the last time I cried properly was when I saw The Wrestler. Is this one of the “things” that Elbaz thinks we cry about?

And yeah, I am not going to even start on the comment about American and Asian women. I’d be offended by it if I was American or Asian. You’d have thought, given his style, he’d be embracing the differences rather than making us all out to be the same.

Sigh. Why can’t designers keep their mouths shut. (Except Roberto Cavalli. He is ridiculous-hilarious.)

Quote from WWD. Image from here.

  • Jasper

    how is the part about american and asian women relevant or make sense? i don’t get it, and it sounds offensive regardless! i am SO excited for the day people are over lanvin/the day people stop wearing it/realize that 90% of the time it looks like shit when it’s not in a fashion magazine/runway (unless you’re tilda swinton). i can’t remember how many times i’ve seen some celebrities dress labeled “lanvin” and it looked like shit or boring or even satin prom dress-trashy. don’t get me wrong, lanvin is totally beautiful and amazing but ya, what i said earlier.

  • Roshh Ko

    It is a very intelligent move from Lanvin for Alber Elbaz to play the role of ‘understanding women’ but it sometimes gets too much. It becomes too sweet-like and I am getting sick by it. He tends to be down to earth, but I question how down to earth he actually is. It is all about the PR in my opinion. And I do think that Elbaz is soon to become John Galliano personality prior to his departure from Dior.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

     Yes, I love when he talked about the fact that peplums are good because you can eat desert. But this is nauseating.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

     I don’t know if I agree, most of what I’ve seen, in photos and in real life, looks fantastic.

  • Jasper
  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

     Ok, in those scenarios, I totally agree with you.

  • jun

    so you’re okay with ‘positive’ generalizations but not ‘negative’ ones? because ‘positive’ ones are ‘true’ and ‘negative’ ones are ‘false’?

    what if even the ‘negative’ ones are true? i do think women cry at the same things – happy things, sad things, everything and anything. i know because i am one and i know so many other women.

     i have no idea of the exact context of his quote but i do believe what he meant was that women, despite nationality, ethnicity or culture, are alike because they are all humans. so i see nothing derogatory about his generalization.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    You may be right in “defining” what he probably meant to say, but I don’t like it when people make generalisations about anything they are so far removed from (and you are right that the positive generalisations are wrong, too.) Albaz is a diva living in a bubble, he is a gay man, he has very little contact with normal people (I know this because I know people who work for him) and I don’t think he should walk around telling American women they are the same as Asian ones. Nor should he be telling us what we cry about. I most definitely do not cry a tthe same things as you, and we are both women.

  • Grace Kelly

    i m agree with Alexandea  you have very deep study for women activities
    and i think you done it very well