Fashion Quote: Trina Turk on Sportswear

fashion quote, trina turk, claire mccardell, sportswear, american fashion

Designs by Claire McCardell, the woman credited for founding American sportswear in the 1940's.

A few weeks ago I interviewed Trina Turk for Vitamin Daily (read the interview here, she was really interesting!) because she has just launched a collection with Banana Republic. Of course I had to get in a question for Searching for Style, and so we talked a little about the concept of American sportswear. Not athletic wear (the bane of my existence,) but sportstwear, which was the ultra-stylish, comfortable, practical leisure clothing pioneered by Claire McCardell in the 1940’s.

fashion quote, trina turk, claire mccardell, sportswear, american fashion

Trina Turk SS12. Her work has very obvious retro references.

I asked Trina about whether she thought about the fact that the concept of “sportswear” which was chic before anything else, has been abandoned in favour of athletic wear, which is the furthest possible thing from chic. Does she think that we’ve lost touch with the fact that one can be comfortable and stylish, and instead people are resorting to items like yoga pants, as streetwear?

“I mean, I think that it is lazy. Whether or not is acceptable, it is not for me to decide. I think that if you want to present yourself well, then presenting your fashionable self is your best bet. But that is my own personal bias. I think that the whole thing of people wearing athletic wear on the street is just lazy. Of course it is comfortable, but all clothing in general is more comfortable than it was in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, down to the undergarments we are wearing. If you have to go to the far extreme of wearing sweatpants all day, that’s kinda too bad.”

Kind of too bad, indeed. Let that be a message to all yoga pant-wearing Vancouverites who aren’t on their way to, in the middle of, and on their way home from, a yoga class.

Trina Turk images from her website, and Claire McCardell images from here and here.