Loathe: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld on the Cover of i-D

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Ok, first of all, I’m bored to death of seeing photos of models and celebrities (and daughters of famous people, as it is in this case) while they are nearly naked and pregnant. It is boring, and one of those lame trends that has been DONE TO DEATH. Plus this one is even more nausea-inducing, because it is Carine Roitfeld styling her own pregnant daughter for the cover of a magazine. Her obsession and constant promotion of her kids is pathetic. I’d love to hear about one thing that either Julia, or Carine’s son Vladimir, accomplish on their own, without the help of their mother. She is the ultimate definition of a helicopter parent.

And while we are on the subject of feeling nauseated, here’s how Julia defended the image: “I loved that my mum dressed me sexy like that.” Am I the only person who thinks that ANY situation where your Mom dresses you up “sexy” is effed up? I used to really respect Carine Roitfeld, but lately, she seems to have become predictable and boring. I am OVER HER.

p.s. This is one of eight covers for this particular issue of i-D. What is up with magazines all needing to do tons of versions of covers for each issue? Can’t they just do ONE great cover, instead of (in this case) eight shitty ones?

p.p.s. Remember those creepy photos of Carine and her son for the Barney’s campaign? Ewww….

Image and quote from Fashionista.

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  • Jasper

    i-d is better than this =( this isn’t cool or even funny/ironic in a cool joke way. this IS a joke. *spits on cover* but seriously, the multiple covers per issue is really annoying. LIKE if there’s a theme like the black issue vogue did, then ok. i can understand, but their concept of doing it every issue is retarded

  • AnaO

    Honestly, did i-D think their magazine will sell better when they put Julia on the cover? Or did Carine say she wouldn’t do the styling unless her daughter gets a cover? That would soo lame.

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

     I guess they are just hoping some (stupid) people will buy all eight covers. Because i-D is dangerously close to being shut down, so they are most likely doing what they can to rake in the cash. They’ve lost my money, I definitely will not be buying another copy of that magazine.

  • Jasper

     hell no, unless there’s an awesome alasdair mclellan shoot featured/on the cover i’m not buying shit! or unless i’m travelling.. i-d usually has good content!