Love: Carizzi Spring Summer 2012

Carizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwear
Before I even begin talking about how wonderful Carizzi swimwear is, I must disclose that I am a consultant for them. I’ve been working with their London-based founder, Carine Rizzi, for over a year, helping her to develop this line, which has turned out to be fantastic.

Carizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwear

Carizzi is not about making sexy bikinis, it is about making a very high quality, elegant product that fits well and looks beautiful. They work with an incredible swimwear factory in France who also makes swimwear for Hermès, Eres, and Dior (not bad, eh?), so the quality and fit are excellent. Sadly, I have reached the point in my life where I can’t get away with inexpensive swimwear (well, to be honest, I probably never could) and investing in high quality pieces is key if I want to be confident on the beach. My favourite pieces, which I will soon own, are the ones with the gold chains, and the pink bikini with the giant ruffle (see above.)

Carizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwear

Yes, I know it is not cheap (suits will set you back about $400) but sometimes it is worth paying a lot of money for a suit that actually fits properly and provides support (speaking of support… you are also supporting a small brand!) And we are offering a special discount for the Searching for Style readers, if you purchase a top, you can get 50% off a bottom. Just use the code HOTBOT50 when you check out (and hurry, it expires May 7th!) Shop Carizzi here.

Carizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwearCarizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwearCarizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwearCarizzi, luxury swimwear, bikinis, beachwear

Photos by Tommy Clarke.

  • Megan

    I love the camel bikini with the scalloped edges – stunning!

  • Kjeffery

    I adore the swim wear… It’s wonderful- too expensive for my liking but still! :) What I DON’T understand though is the skin and bones that are showing the bikinis… ??? 
    I’m not one of those women that’s overweight herself and and nags about everyone who’s slimmer (just the opposite!) but she is terribly skinny… Maybe I’m getting something wrong here. I love your blog and always seem to agree with it’s content. :) Your writing is often hilarious and I think it’s the only fashion blog worth reading.. so I don’t want to nag.. but you’ve often written about ‘non-eating-models’…. but what about THIS one – in a campaign you obviously support? 

  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg

    Believe it or not, it was close to impossible to find a girl who was curvier than this. She was very curvy compared to the other girls we cast! And she isn’t skin and bones, trust me, that is NOT skin and bones. She has no ribs or bones sticking out, and she is curved, rather than angular.
    It is really, really hard to cast girls for lingerie and swimwear, because you want someone curvy, but slim, but she has to have tits and ass. That’s why it is such a big deal to become a Victoria’s Secret model, those bodies are VERY hard to come by. Especially when you are a small brand with a limited budget. Anyway, yes, I’ll agree that in a perfect world we would have had a Doutzen Kroes type of body in this shoot, but this girl (Magda) is definitely an acceptable body for swimwear.