5 Great Bridal Trends

jason matlo, bridal tips, wedding dresses, fashion lists

I know it is too late to address most summer brides, as they will have probably already got their dresses, but I did want to write something about wedding dresses because I am quite opinionated about them. When I was in my late teens, after graduating from a one year fashion course, and before moving to Pairs to study haute couture, I worked in a bridal store. That was a great experience, as I learnt that the wedding industry is 1- totally nuts, and 2- an industry I never want to work in again.

I also find it incredibly tiring that so, so SO many brides want to wear something “unique,” and then end up with a strapless meringue. Jason Matlo (a good friend of mine and also a fantastic Vancouver designer) and I joke around a lot about strapless dresses. He makes a mean one, and they sell well, even though strapless doesn’t necessarily suit everyone.

jason matlo, bridal tips, wedding dresses, fashion lists

Anyway, he did a bridal show a few weeks ago at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and there were a few trends that really stood out, not only in his show, but that seem to be all over the bridal world. So, if you are in the market for a wedding dress, avoid the strapless meringue and try something new. And if you are in Vancouver, go and speak to Jason.

1. Colour. Wedding dresses don’t all have to white or cream anymore. Taupes and tans seem to be popular, and we are also seeing a lot of greys, mint greens, pale blues, and baby pinks. Let’s face it, the whole “virginal white” thing just doesn’t seem to be relevant to the present day.

2. Sleeves. Thank you to Kate Middleton for wearing a sleeve on her wedding day. Most people don’t look good in strapless (read more about that here), plus its uncomfortable and you risk showing armpit muffin top. Go for a cap sleeve, a short sleeve, or if you want to be really classy, a long sleeve.

jason matlo, bridal tips, wedding dresses, fashion lists

3. Fabrics. Jason featured quite a few slim fitting jersey dresses in his show, and they looked stunning. If you’ve got the body for it, why not go for an elegant jersey dress, instead of piling on the lace and satin?

4. Antique Lace. If you want to go for lace, then go big or go home. Again, another trend to thank Kate Middleton for, and antique-style lace looks beautiful, especially if it is all over, not just as trims.

jason matlo, bridal tips, wedding dresses, fashion lists

5. The Down Do. Aside from strapless dresses, the other bane of my formalwear existence is up dos. I loathe them. And I loved that in Jason’s show, all the girls had these super low buns that looked modern and stunning. No need to pile are your hair on the top of your head!

Photos are film stills from this fantastic video of Jason Matlo’s bridal show by Dreaming in the Rain.